Top 5 Best Legal/ Paid Kodi Addons In December 2018

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You will always see the outwit of everything when you are using the legal add-ons. Official add-ons are safe to use as they offer the good quality of streaming links. Choose your favourite add-ons from these best legal and paid Kodi add-ons, after paying for its subscription enjoy the seamless streaming experience.

Here are the Best Paid Kodi Add-ons:

BuzzFeed Video Kodi Add-on

Buzzfeed has earned a very good reputation throughout the world by the entertainment and news content shared on its social media feeds. It is an internet media company which has a very good network of content producers who showcase their journalism qualities in a great manner. It has a good fanbase form all around the world. The best break through it has earned is that now Netflix soon will host a season of short stories that are made by Buzzfeed journalists.


If you are also a junkie of social media who loves sarcasm and humour on the go, then you would have surely heard about CollegeHumor. College Humor website is popular on social media because of the satirical and humorous content it makes itself and the content its share made by others. The content of CollegeHumor is eye catchy and you will love to see it on Kodi.

ACE IPTV Kodi Addon


ACE IPTV is a premium Kodi add-on for Kodi which offers a wide range of content. You can watch the popular sports such as NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and many more. It brings streams from famous channels such as Sky Sports and BT Sport. Moreover, viewers can enjoy several TV shows and movies using ACE IPTV. You have access to channels such as ABC, BBC, Fox, HBO, Sky Movies, and more by adding this addon to Kodi.


SportsAccess is a premium Kodi addon which provides sports content from across the globe. By subscribing to the SportsAccess, viewers can access their favourite matches like football (soccer), NHL, NBA, and much more. The add-on offers content from various channels like SkySports. It only accepts Bitcoin as a mode of payment.

Mania HD

Mania HD is also provide paid streaming service as a Kodi addon. The monthly subscription of Mania HD costs £12.00 or $16.09 per month. It provides thousands of content to stream online.