Top Best Kodi Live TV Addons In 2018

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We all know about KODI media centre and if you are the one who doesn’t know then for your information we are telling you that the KODI is an open source media streaming software program. KODI works as a host and it hosts the programs from other added add-ons on it, KODI basically play the content from other media broadcasting channels KODI provide them its media streaming platform.

We know in today’s generation technically we all are living in the digital world where the satellites media and the evolution of Internet have completely replaced the vintage wired television which were used for media broadcasting. In today’s generation the same media is broadcasted through internet or the satellite wireless TV channels further to make it to another level, the smart phones have completely changed the game, now smart phones are used for the media streaming as a vintage media broadcasting.
Although the form of media broadcasting have been changed but still one thing is same and that is an access to the media content.

We still want to catch our favorite TV shows, watch movies, enjoying and cheering for our nation by watching the nation sports and in this regard we want to catch up such programs as they are happening since there is no fun of watching our favorite sports after the match has already got over and also there is no point of watching the highlights of any important event once it is held. So in this regard the concern of live broadcasting or the media streaming arises.

Well if there is concern then there is a way also to sort out that concern and with the same belief today we are having our live access on any of our favorite sports live being at our home we can catch moment to moment happening and that has been possible only by the help of Internet and then the platform which facilitate it to catch the live reporting of our favorite sports or any other events.

Talking about the live TV access, fortunately today there is many KODI add-ons that are available to stream on the KODI platform and by the help of which you can have an access of your favorite sports all just live. This article will make you aware with the available live TV KODI add-ons

If we talk about the available live TV add-ons then there are some great KODI add-ons which offer the Live TV features along with some other special features below we are mentioning some of the best Live TV KODI add-ons.


This add-on comes at the first spot in our list and there is a solid reason behind that. Ultra IPTV add-on is introduced by the CAZLO repository which is a prominent name in the addons section.

Ultra IPTV addon offers an amazing range of its content offering which first of all includes the live TV segment, and then some other amazing content such as movies, serials, drama, kids section and much more. The Live section of this add-on provides a live streaming of sports and other famous events, you must give this add-on a trial in your KODI media streaming software if you are the live media streaming lover.


This add-on comes at the second spot in our list. The Brit FLIX add on has been introduced by the BIZZLE build repo and this is a third party program on KODI. This add on is suited to those who want the British based live TV coverage of various programs such as live news TV, Live sports matches and other stuff.

The add-on offers the full live coverage of the FIFA world cup which is the highly demand sports on a global scale. Other than the live TV programs this add on also has some other hits to offer to its users. You should definitely consider this add-on in your live TV KODI segment.


The third add on happens to be the USTV now add-on. This is basically a United States based add-on and hence its coverage is mostly linked to US. This add on is introduced by the USTV repository and offers the Live TV streaming of all major United States events be it news, sports or any other event it provides full coverage and this add -on has earned its prominent name in the United States for this reason.


You tube probably has been the world’s largest video streaming platform now. You tube is the only available video streaming centre which has made it way towards all the available smart phones. You tube can also be added on KODI as an add-on, and you tube needs no introduction you can access beyond your imagination content on this you tube add on.

It offers some seriously amazing Live TV channels across the globe which provides you the full coverage of the stories that are happening around the world be it any segment. This is a must having add-on for all the Live TV media streaming lovers.


This is such a versatile live TV KODI add-on. The HALOW live TV does not restrict its coverage to any particular country rather it reaches on global live coverage. This add-on offers an amazing range of Live TV media streaming programs from across the world.

Some of the Live TV channels are available at free of cost while other require premium you may choose your best Live TV channels as per the demand of your content that you want to stream on this platform.


The IPTV BONANZA is a live KODI plug-ins which basically has been introduced by the Maniac repository and this add on also has earned its name in this live TV addons list due to the variety of its contents and the other features.

This add on basically has a very wide section of content offering and the best thing about it is that this add on offers only fully tested links of the programs which are working fully fine and well. The add on also offers a Live TV section where you can catch up your favorite live shows including the sports segment, so this add on should also make its way to your KODI addons list.

So this is the list of live TV KODI addons that we have provided you above each and every add on has been mention there after fully being sure about their performance we urge you to check out these live TV addons and enjoy your favorite live media streaming. Do let us know your experience with us we wish you happy Koding.