How To Download & Install LOCK & LOAD Kodi Addons

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The Name of KODI seeks no introduction in itself today as this name remains in each and every media streamers who is linked to media streaming in some or other ways. KODI is the media streaming platform, and this platform has been provided to us by the XBMC foundation. The basic purpose of XBMC foundation was to encourage the people to get into the online media streaming, so that the people could make the most of being into the Internet era.

KODI media streaming player started its journey more than a decade back since then KODI has covered a long journey of evolution in the trend of the media broadcasting from the offline era to the online era
Today the KODI is at its peak as in this era the online or offline media streaming has also achieved its peak or we can say still rising. The crucial reason of the popularity for the KODI media streaming player is the free and open availability of its platform, along with the wide content section that this platform provides to its users.

KODI basically broadcast the online media using the content of other media channels which are integrated with the KODI being the KODI add-ons and these KODI add-ons do vary in respect to their content and the developers.
Today in this article we are basically going to talk about one such KODI add on whose name is Lock and Load KODI add on. This add-on has been introduced or developed by the Lockdown repository, which is a prominent name under the KODI add-ons scenario.

Lock and Load KODI is a wonderful mid range content KODI add-on, which offers an amazing and the extensive range of content to its users. This is a third party add on and hence KODI doesn’t have any role in its development so if you are having any query regarding this add on you should contact to its development team and not the KODI.
Lock and Load KODI content offering section includes the following content such as movies, Serials, Kids shows, TV shows, music, Netflix zone, TRACKT portal and much more stuff this add-on holds in its bucket. The TRACKT movie portal is such an amazing feature of this add-on, which recommends to the users the content based on their preference, so that the users never get bored of watching the same content over and over again.

Further if we talk about the quality of the content Lock and Load KODI add-on section includes all HD quality content, along with the best audio boosted experience, which enhances the overall watching experience of the users, in terms of complete enjoyment.

Considering all such factors of this add-on if you ask us for our opinion about this add-on, we would say that this add-on deserves a chance if you are seeking something in a mid range as your KODI add-on, you should go for it.

One piece of Advise that we would like to give you for the sake of your privacy, that before  you start media streaming on the KODI, secure your network with Virtual Private Network, since KODI is an open source of media streaming and there is no such safety  assurance of your data or the privacy, being on the KODI.

Integrating your network with the VPN makes sure that your IP address is always hidden and protected from the reach of external threats, which in resulting provide you the utmost sense of safety, and unlimited media streaming.

Keep in mind that although KODI is an open media source program, but still KODI bans all the pirated or the copyrighted data media streaming. Since copyrighted or the pirated media streaming is an illegal offence, under the law hence you can only stream public domain or your personal media, on this KODI platform.

Follow these steps to install Lock and Load KODI add-ons.

  • Go to your KODI media streaming software and launch  it.
  • Go to the settings menu of the KODI which is located in the top left side.

Click on the file manager there.

  • Clicking on the file manager the next option will appear as add source.

  • In the add source you are required to provide the URL address of the media source that you  want to add on the KODI.

  • Now name this added media source as Lock and click on OK and then recheck all the fields again, to make sure all the information are correct.

  • Now come back to the main menu of KODI and click on the add ons section there then on the package installer.

  • Clicking on the package installer this package installer will start downloading.

  • After downloading click on the installation from the zip file.

  • Next a box will open with several options select the Lock file option among them.

  • Then click on the lock down repository zip file.

  • This repository will start downloading wait for it to be downloaded and after downloading the pop up will appear.

  • Now make an installation from this repository.

  • Click on the Lockdown file.

  • Then click on the video add on option

  • Next click on the Lock and Load

  • And make it install finally.

With this your Lock and Load KODI add-on will be installed. Shut down your KODI and then, restart it again to see this add-on as added in the KODI add-ons section.

After that you may start media streaming, with this Lock and Load KODI add-on. Feel free to ask us for any further help if you face any such issue