How To Setup & Install Mad Streams Kodi Add-on

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A mad stream is one of the latest and brand new IPTV Kodi Add-ons. A mad stream has channels of IPTV from all over the world. It has various sections including M3U, Top 3 servers, world streams, free streams, sports and movies.

You must have heard about the name of Kodi popping up everywhere and must have wondered what it is all about. So let’s talk about it first. Kodi is open source media software for the management of TV shows, local collection of movies, photos and music. It was earlier known as XBMC (Xbox media centre). Kodi will not save you from your subscription of music streaming apps like Pandora or Spotify, or video streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix.

Instead, Kodi’s utility lies in its support for extensive cross-device compatibility and a vast range of file types. You must have at least one device which supports Kodi since it’s software is available for every device including Android, window, Linux, macOS, iOSor Raspberry Pi devices. Getting started with  Kodi is very easy just like downloading the installer package for some devices like windows and macOS. However, it is a bit difficult to download Kodi on iOS and RPi. You can sync your media across multiple devices using Kodi over a local network.

Kodi has a very intuitive menu system and interface, for using it you don’t need to be a brain tech. Kodi makes things simple with its long list of supported files. It is available on almost every device still its developer says that it was designed for home theatre setup and for using a large screen rather than phone or monitor. That means it can easily be controlled by touchscreen, kodi18 voice or by a mouse. Sometimes things seem more difficult and technical with add-ons.

Well for helping us out with all the problems Kodi has its own wiki. It is available for free for all its users. Various add-ons of Kodi Include Legion ‘n’ unhinged, Abyss, bennu, aliunde, man cave, dark love, bob unleashed, fantastic3.0, salts, Guzril, mad stream Kodi add-on, ace TV and much more

Setup & Install Mad Streams Kodi Add-on

  • Open the Kodi application.
  • Press on the system setting icon from the main home screen.

  • Find the option of a file manager and click on it.

  • Click on add source from the left side of the screen.

  • Click the option that says none.

  • A box will appear name it Android.

  • Go and check if everything is correct and click OK.

  • Click on add-on option in the main menu bar.

  • Find the add-on package installer icon on the top left of the page and click on it.
  • Next click on install from zip file.

  • Select the option of Android from the pop-up.

  • Find and click on it.

  • Wait for the pop up saying installed.

  • After it gets downloaded and installed, you can find it in main menu video add-on.