How To Download & Install MAGIC DRAGON Kodi Addons

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Media is the first and the forest form of entertainment for the humankind, and we as humans have been enjoying it since ages and still the trend of media is in fact getting more hotter, Since being in this modern world the definition of media has reached marsh, and due to that today we are having an abundance choice of media to entertain ourselves.

Few decades back the taste and the composition of the music used to be different than the music that we are having now. Similarly the medium of accessing that media also used to be the different, than in the present time days. Back then we used to have the traditional sources of accessing the media, such as the Radio or the wired antenna configured television for accessing the media in the form of video.

Today traditional form of accessing the media has been completely changed by the innovation of the Internet, and the information systems which use the Internet to provide us an instant access over media broadcasting. Yes Internet has really changed the definition of media broadcasting and also its streaming, today there are a lot of such platforms by the help of them you can access your media just on the single click being anywhere. One of such platform is the KODI media streaming player.

KODI media streaming center or the media streaming platform this name needs no introduction for those who are indulged in the media streaming being online on the Internet.

Magic dragon KODI add on has been introduced by the supremacy repository and this repository is exclusively available only under this repository .Magic dragon KODI add-on being a third party KODI add-on at the KODI platform, all the users are advised to ask for any help or information only to the developers of this add-on. Magic dragon KODI add-on is the famous add-on among the KODI users, who are seeking the wider and the versatile section of the KODI.

Magic dragon KODI add-on is basically the rebranded or the upgraded reborn form of the Dogs bollocks KODI add-on, which was the former version of the magic dragon KODI add-on. Before the arrival of the magic dragon KODI add-on the pyramid add-on, and the dogs bollocks add-on used to rule this section, but since the magic dragon add-on is the upgraded form of this section, this add on is now dominating the market.

Talking about the content category of the magic Dragon KODI add-on this add-on includes the following contents offering in its list such as the Movies, TV shows, Kids Zone, trending movies, radio shows, documentary, sports, Serials and much more content it has in its offerings to you. Moreover it also has the DEBERID movies section which allows the users to stream and download their favorite movies so that they could enjoy it later too.

Talking about the content quality of this add-on the most of the content is in full HD quality, which enhances the watching experience of the users and the audio quality is also very impressive to make the content quality more appealing to the users. So considering the content aspect, and all the factors of this magic dragon KODI add-on we would advise you, that if you want an add-on which is having the medium size HD quality content, then you should definitely consider this magic dragon KODI add-on.

We would also advise you to secure your network by integrating it with the Virtual Private Network, since the KODI is an open source of media streaming, and due to that it is always vulnerable to the hacking and other such privacy sensitive threats. Integrating the network with the VPN, hides your IP address which in result keeps your privacy and all other information in the safe hands.

KODI doesn’t allow its users to stream the pirated or the copyrighted media content on its platform, since it is an illegal media streaming case and KODI strictly bans such media streaming. You can only stream that media on KODI which either belongs to you, or is available in the public domain.

Download & Install MAGIC DRAGON Kodi Addons

  • Start your KODI media streaming software.
  • Go to the system settings in the top left side of the page.

  • There click on the file manager option.

  • Clicking on the file manager option you will see the add source option next.

  • Click on add source and it will ask you to provide the URL address of the media source you want to add on KODI.

  • Now name this media source as supremacy and click on ok.

  • Review all the fields again to make sure that all the fields are correct.

  • Now just come back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the add-ons there.

  • After that click on the package installer it will start downloading.

  • After downloading click on the install from zip file.

  • Further select the SUPERMACY repository zip format file.

  • Again make an installation from this repository file.

  • Select and open the SUPERMACY file.

  • Now go to the addons.

  • Select the magic dragon option.

  • And make it install.

With this add-on will be installed we hope that you would enjoy this magic dragon KODI add on thoroughly. To start this add on, restart your KODI media player and then go to the video add-ons you will see the magic dragon add on there. Select it and start your media streaming with it.