How To Download & Install Makisig TV Kodi Addons

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The Name of KODI streaming media player doesn’t require any introduction in the online media streaming arena, as the KODI is considered to be the KING of the online media streaming trend. It holds its legacy of more than a decade back, and still its legacy is getting expanded just like a forest fire among the online media streaming lovers.

KODI is an open source media streaming platform in the form of software, and we all are aware with the trend and the popularity of the online media streaming these days.  People from any age groups are indulged in media streaming, be it the daily coming news, the newly released movies, Episodes of your favorite TV shows, and the entertainment stuff for your KIDS almost everything is done using the online, or offline media streaming in the click of fingers.

KODI provides you the platform to stream the same media content on its platform fully at free of cost, with the help of the other media channels which offer their content to the users using this platform of KODI. In other words it can be said that the KODI works as a guest by providing the media content of its guests on its platform, to the viewers who are keen to stream their favorite media on KODI.

These media content offering channels are known as the KODI add-ons. These KODI add-ons are introduced by the various developers and these add-ons differ in the terms of their content, content quality and with some other aspects as well.

In this article we are going to know about the MAKISIG TV KODI add-on, and we will also discuss about its installation on the KODI. This addon has been introduced by the MALCHUSTV repository, the same repository which has proved us the PINOY, and the MGA kind of wonderful addons. This is a third party add-on, so the KODI has nothing to do neither with its development, nor with the administration.

The MAKISIG TV add on is the all in one add on and we are saying this add on as all in one due to the content category of this add on. This add on is more dedicated to the do it yourself  (DIY) stuff and for this reason you will find there the wide category of cooking shows and the other creative or the learning shows.

The content category of the MAKISIG TV add on includes news, Movies, TV shows, cooking shows, kids learning zone, music, sports and much more such a huge content category is what makes this add on a great hit among the KODI users, and that’s why we also refer it as a all in one KODI add on. Coming to the content quality of this add on.

The content quality of this MAKISIG TV add on is pretty good, most of the content is in HD quality so that the users can avail the best of their time, with their favorite shows on this add on. The audio quality is also nice and as our final verdict we would say this is a wonderful add on, if you are seeking an extensive content category just in a one add on then you must go for it.

KODI being the open source media streaming program doesn’t ensure the safety to your personal information or the privacy, since there are the abundance range of the content category and also the range of people to stream that so there is no as such control of KODI on its user activities.

Keeping your privacy safe and secure on KODI is your own job, and we recommend you to save your whole network with the Virtual Private Network, it hides your IP address from the outside source so that you can stream unlimited amount of data on KODI, keeping your privacy fully in your own safe hands.

KODI also strictly bans the streaming of copyrighted or the pirated data. since this is an illegal offence and people usually stream the pirated copy of movies or the other content on this platform, which is banned due to the violation of the KODI terms. So you can only stream public domain media on this platform without any risk.

Follow these steps in the same order to install the MAKISIG TV add-on, on KODI media streaming player

  • Go to your KODI media streaming software opening page.
  • There you will need to click on the system settings icon which is located in the left side of your page.

  • Clicking on that file manager option will appear click on that as well.

  • Now you will arrive at the add source option.
  • Click on add source option.

  • And provide the URL address of the media that you want to add on KODI.

  • Next provide a name to this added media source as MALCHUS and then click Ok.

  • Recheck all the fields once again to make sure that all the entered information is correct

  • Come back to the main menu of KODI and click on addons.

  • You will see the package installer option there click on that.

  • Then click on the installation from the zip file.

  • The added media source file MALCHUS will appear click on that.

  • Now click on the PLUGIN.VIDEO MAKISIG TV zip format file.

  • This add-on will now start downloading be patient until it is downloaded.

  • A downloaded pop up will appear.
  • This downloaded add on can be located from the video addons option.

With this your MAKISIGTV KODI add-on installation will be finished. You just need to shut down the KODI, and then restart it again. Check your add-ons list there and you will find this add-on being as installed.

Enjoy your MAKISIG TV add-on, and do approach us anytime if you need any further help in this regard.