How To Setup & Install Man Cave Entertainment Kodi Addon

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Kodi is a free media player software that comes up with various add-ons. It started its functioning in 2003 as a media streaming app that was developed for the Xbox game console. It was originally known as XBMC (Xbox media centre) and is still managed by a non-profit organization XBMC. Gradually the services of Kodi has grown and has become capable of streaming videos and images almost on every device.

Its software works in two different ways; either as a way of getting control over other content across the internet world. Like any other application it can be installed on set-top boxes or tablets. What makes Kodi Unique is that I can be upgraded with add-ons and plug-ins and it is not restricted by any kind of licensing that is anyone can avail any content freely.

Such content streams are made available through repositories which can be accessed from many websites. Add-ons that Kodi provide allows many different streams to get indexed effectively that gives users simple and easy ways for finding content to watch. It have the power to use add-ons and cameup with various add-ons that include Bennu, Guzril, Man cave, Dark love, Aliunde, Indigo, Fantastic 3.0, Salts, Bob Unleashed and sports classic.

Kodi has the power to turn any device like smartphone, computer or tablet in a streamer or digital set-top box and give users the ability to stream file from local storage, home network or internet. With its range of in-built codes and new software known as “10-foot UI” that means it can read ten ft away from the theoretical distance, users can now browse photos, podcast and videos easily and quickly. kodi gives a same  kind of experience on smaller devices but one can look up to a larger TV for a big screen viewing experience.

Man Cave Entertainment Kodi Add-on is one Kodi Add-on by Man cave repo which is packed with full of entertainment. This add on contains various sections to explore that includes TV shows, TV kings premium, Movies, Live TV, Anime and cartoons, 24/7 Movies sports, music and much more. Man cave entertainment is exactly for you if you are looking for entertainment add on.

Setup & Install Man Cave Entertainment Kodi Addon

  • Open Kodi

  • Click on system setting Icon on the top left of the page.

  • Now click on Add source.

  • Next Click on None.

  • A box will appear, name it Man cave and click Ok.

  • Check if everything is right and click OK.

  • Click Add-on in the main menu bar.

  • On the top left of the page click on add on package installer.

  • Now Select install from Zip file.

  • A box will open, find the option of Man Cave and click on it.

  • Select the option of start here.

  • Select

  • Wait until a pop saying Man Cave repo Installed appear on the screen.

  • Click on Install from repository.

  • Now click on Man cave repo.

  • Now select video add-ons.

  • Click on Man cave entertainment.

  • And finally Install.