How to Install Maverick TV Kodi Addons

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Maverick KODI add-on is introduced by the maverick repository and this is a wonderful add-on available if you want to add it on your KODI media then you should consider this add-on seriously. Maverick TV offers a wide variety of content for streaming to its users. The content that the maverick TV offers includes TV shows. Movies, Live TV, sports activities, Kids zone, and much more stuff.

The eye catching or the attention grabbing feature of this add-on is that it offers the whole content to its media streaming users in the 4K video quality and 4K video quality is the best video quality available there. It is not just High definition quality rather beyond is that High definition quality it generally includes the screen pixels quality of 1920×1080p which is super high class video quality and also the audio quality is also exceptional of this add-on which together enhances the watching experience of any users and keep the users addicted to this add-on.

The maverick TV is an all in one offering add-on just like vortex it has a wide and the versatile content category to offer to its users. It offers live TV programs to the viewers which is such a great feature and by using this feature the users may get connected to their favorite programs and even watch their favorite sports matches live. So considering all such offering aspects of this add-on you should definitely give some space to this add-on on your KODI media streaming platform, and we believe that you won’t regret that.

Download & Install Maverick TV Kodi Addons

Virtual Private Network makes your network all secure while using KODI media. We all know that KODI is an open source media platform and your data and privacy is always at risk being on KODI so securing the whole network with VPN is always a wise choice, also KODI does not allow the users to stream the pirated or copyrighted data on its platform. You are only allowed to stream that data on its platform which is freely available in the public domain.

Follow these steps to install Maverick TV on KODI ADD-ON

1. Launch your KODI software opening interface and go to the system setting icon in the top left side.

2. Go to the file manager option there

3. Clicking on the file manager option you will see the add source option.

4. Click on add source and now you need to add the media source.

5. Add the URL in media source as

6. Name this added media source as Maverick and click ok then.

7. Now recheck all the fields to make sure everything is correct.

8. Now again come back to the main menu and there click on the add-ons option.

9. Click on the add-on package installer from there and next click on the install from zip file.

10. Some few options will appear next select the maverick option from them.

11. Next click on the Maverick repository file.

12. It will start downloading and once it is downloaded click on the installation from repository file.

13. Now click on the maverick TV repository.

14. Video add-ons option will appear.

15. Click on it.

16. Click on maverick TV next.

17. And the final will be installation option.

We hope that this article will help you in setting up this Maverick TV add-on and we also believe that you would love streaming it.