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Living in the digital era and don’t know about KODI that sound weird. Well Alright let us make you aware about it, KODI is an open media source platform that means it is just a source of media streaming it works as a host and takes the content from the other channels and then let it play on its media under the name of KODI. The content may be of any type such as movies, TV shows, serials, sports and other many programs.

Since we are living in the world of streaming where everything become possible just at one tap or click. Internet and the smart phones devices have completely changed the game replacing the old style wired televisions where we had to sit at a fixed place to enjoy our favor program on Television but now that era is getting gone and almost gone completely.

Today there are many such channels available on the Internet which serve you the same or even the best kind of program content with an utmost ease or we should say just at the single click. In this world of Internet where the technology is reaching heights day by day and making lives better and upgraded in this scenario the form of media broadcasting has been completely changed now you just need an internet connection and a smart phone to have an access over your favorite show that too sitting at anywhere and anytime.

We all watching one thing universally and that is our favorite kind of movies few years back we used to wait for a long time for our favorite movies to be broadcasted on TV, but now the scenario has been completely changed, now you can watch your favorite movie just using your smart phones with an internet connection and that platform has been provided by the KODI media using its third party add-ons. Yes now you can watch your favorite movies being at the KODI software

Here we are providing you with the details of best movie KODI add-ons and we hope that you would enjoy them.


When it comes to get into the movie Zone KODI addons you can’t keep the Exodus away from the first spot since this add on does not let any other KODI add on surpass itself in the movie zone segment. Exodus is a third part KODI add on hence it does not have any link with the KODI developers.

Well talking about the exodus KODI this add-on has been awarded as no. 1 title by the TROYPOINT in the movies segment. The add-on offers such a huge category of the movies and TV shows that is hard to limit in words.

This add on provides a search bar to search for the specific movie that you want to stream on this add-on, and also the video quality is full HD to enhance the watching experience of the users. You must add this add on in your KODI to enjoy an enormous collection of movies.


Genesis hits the second spot in our list. The Genesis reborn add on has been introduced by the super repository and is built on the Jen template which provides a very soothing interface for media streaming to the eyes of the users.
This add-on provides a solid category of movies you can select and watch your favorite movies from its collection but the best thing about this add on is the quality of the movies that it offers to its users.

Genesis Reborn KODI add-on offers the 4K Movies quality video streaming which is the best of all class video quality. A High definition video seems faded in front of the 4k video quality as it includes the 1920×1080 which is much higher than the normal HD class. Add this add on in your list if you do not want to miss out on the real class.


This add on has been actual introduced by the same developers as are of the Exodus KODI add on, and it is even believed that the Covenant will soon replace the exodus KODI add on, since the exodus is a vintage style KODI add on which is finding it hard to cope up with the latest generation demands and the expectation.

We all know about the legacy of the exodus KODI add on and the same legacy will be carried forward now by the Covenant KODI add on since the Covenant KODI offers the same content as the exodus does offer to its users.

With the covenant KODI the things have been upgraded to match up with the expectations of the users but the content is still as legit as of the exodus, so this add on should make its place in your list.


If you are someone who loves watching the UK movies and shows content then the BBC I player is the add-on for you. It is magnificent add on which although does not cover a huge  movie content, but it still holds enough in its bucket for you and then quality of its content is also marvelous.


The POSEIDON is another wonderful movie add-on available in our list. It includes a wide range of movies and other shows in its category and the best thing about this add on is that it has been evolving very fast over a period of time.

The add on includes the updated movies list they keep on changing their movies content every now and then so that the users do not feel any boredom.

The movies have been developed in many languages and for your ease they even provide the subtitle option at the bottom of every movie. You should definitely consider this add on too if you are a serious movies streaming lover.


Well if you have been completely sick or bored of exodus or Covenant KODI add-ons then SALTS is the other KODI add on which is opening up its doors for you. The SALTS add on is basically the ultimate arch rival of legendary exodus KODI add on.

This is a third party KODI add on whose name stands for stream all the sources, and as the name depicts the add-on offers the wide variety of its content from all the available sources. So this is another best available add on that you should consider adding to your list.


Well as the name suggests of this KODI add on this add on is not so famous among KODI media movies streamers, but still there is fraction of KODI users who tends to get connected with this KODI, and the reason behind is that the 3D movies that it offers to the users.
It does not have that wide collection of movies but still it manages to attract many movie lovers due to its 3D content category. You should give it a trail for sure.

So that’s it guys, these were the best available movies KODI add-ons in our opinion.  We felt sharing them with you. Have a look over them, and do let us know about your experience with them.