5+ Best Kodi News Addons 2018

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As we know that to which extent the online media streaming platforms are being used these days to have an access over any media content, be it recorded highlights or the live events or the sports games, the online media streaming platform is always on the go these days. Technically we are living in a digital world where the things that are happening around us are first covered digitally, and later also broadcasted or streamed digitally being on the electronics device which are Internet enabled.

KODI is the very prominent and the popular name in this regard when it comes to online media streaming, then this KODI media name hits the subconscious mind for all the rightful cause that this platform has given to all the live media streaming. KODI is basically an open source media centre or media streaming software. It works by playing the content on its platform, which is covered by the other media channels. KODI provide them a platform which delivers the content to the viewers.

You can add several type of channels on KODI these channel may be of the category of movies, news, sports, serials and so on stuff. These channels are known as add-ons on KODI media streaming software and you can add these add-ons on KODI as per your own interests such as if you want to stream news online then you can add some news add-ons on the KODI software and enjoy your live news being on your smart phones.

News are the most sought or more browsed KODI add-ons since the majority of us are always interested in knowing that what is actually happening around us, and for this reason the news channel add-ons are appreciated by all kind of aged group people. This article will provide you with some best news KODI add-ons, and you can later add any of these add-ons on your KODI as per your own interest

So here in this article you would know about some prominent news channels, which are known for their wide and live media streaming coverage, have a look over these KODI news add-ons and we believe that you would love them.

Sky News Kodi Addons

If you are someone who is residing in the United Kingdom region and want all the live, and latest update about what is happening in the UK Region then sky news is the KODI add on that you should seriously consider about adding on to your KODI.

The sky news in the United Kingdom has credibility more than the BBC news due to its reach to all the news around and then the magnificent coverage that it provides to its viewers. Sky news provide all kind of update from all the aspects  be it sports, politics, crime, or any local segment you will be able to catch up everything with the sky news.

Fox News Kodi Addons

Fox News Kodi Addons

Fox news KODI add on requires no introduction in the news arena this news channel or the KODI add on holds it own supreme legacy since a long while now. Fox news is known about its sublime coverage to all segment of news from the local level to national and international scale fox news just covers everything. Fox news is basically a United States based news channel which keeps its eyes not only on the United States affairs rather it provides the global affair updates. You can make an add-on of fox news on your KODI media streaming, and you would just love it being a great news fan.

Pluto TV Kodi Addons

Well if you are someone who is looking for the wide coverage and update for all the news channels, without being harsh on your pocket then Pluto TV is what you should be hugging as your best economic companion in the matter of news streaming.

This channel has over 100+ news channels in its bucket to offer you, and the best thing about these news channels are is that, they all are available almost at free of cost without any subscription you can have a coverage of all those news channels.

The video quality of these news channels is also sublime the news content is in HD quality to enhance your experience with it. Why to delay now? just go and get it buddy you would cherish the Pluto TV KODI add on

Cheddar News Kodi Addons

If you are looking for a KODI add on which not only covers the mainstream news segments but also all other news reporting such as financial news reporting and some other news related to tech and innovation then cheddar news in a great add on that you should include in your list. Cheddar news provides the live news streaming news covering all the aspects the news video quality is also great.

News ON Kodi Addons

This is another United States based news channel KODI add on. If you are living in US and want the access of news from all the states then this add on is what should be considered seriously by you the add on has access over 108 local news station across all the United States. Staying tuned to this add-on will always make sure that you do not miss out on any news that is prevailing in the United States. This add on also provides an option of choosing the news station from where you want to catch up with the news it provides you an easy access over your concerned news.


BBC I PLAYER Kodi Addons

This is one of the most prominent name in the news live streaming arena . If you want to catch up with the United Kingdom live affairs then the BBC i player is the best suited add on for you. This add-on is particularly designed for the British people since the add-on only covers the live coverage of UK based news content. You must give some space to this news add on at your KODI media streaming player.

So these were some best available KODI addons for live news media streaming we hope that you would love these addons in your KODI media