No Stream Available in Kodi : How to Fix [Solution] 2018

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It takes too many efforts and time to install the Kodi. It feels frustrating when it shows ‘No Stream Available’ error. Fortunately, we have a way to solve that problem. Today we will provide you with the guide to show how to fix Kodi no stream available error.

Reason For No Stream Available Error

There can be multiple reasons to why a Kodi user are facing this error. But the most common reason why is that they are not using the updated Kodi add-on. Users may face this no stream error when the developer does not update their Kodi addon for a long time. Sometimes the developers of the Kodi add-on completely drop support for their add-on which can be the reason for Kodi users who are facing no stream available Kodi error. Such abandoned Kodi addon do not perform well unless some developer takes it up and starts updating it.

If no one update or fix the Kodi addon then it would not work and whenever a user tries to stream any some media. Neither a movie nor a TV show would work on such a Kodi add-on. The most popular Kodi add-ons that are showing no stream error are Exodus and Covenant. These are the famous add-ons regardless of the error.

Way to Fix Kodi No Stream Error

  • Make sure that you have a good internet connection and that your ISP is not blocked.
  • Check if all the Links are valid or not
  • From the main screen of Kodi go to add-ons tool menu and rest provider and cache.
  • Test your link in some other device.
  • Repair your URL resolver.
  • Restart your KODI.
  • Try using some other source.
  • Make sure that you are not getting throttled, filtered, or geo-blocked by your ISP.
  • Check if you are using the abandoned Add-on.

This is the basic method to fix the no stream error for all the KODI. If you want to get the solution of a specific add-on then please check the other articles on our website. Hope this article has helped you. Please ask if you have any queries, we will happy to help.