How To Download & Install OVER EASY Kodi Addons

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KODI is the open source media streaming center which has been developed by the XBMC foundation a decade and a half back, keeping in mind the purpose of providing the platform of media streaming to the users. In modern generation the name of KODI has been so common for every media streaming lovers, due to the heavy usage of the KODI in daily media streaming schedule.

We know that in the modern world media streaming has been something just like any other basic necessity of humans being, we stream media for various purposes in our mind be it the purpose of entertainment, or the purpose of news. Everything is being streamed these days since it provides a sense of enjoyment and the satisfaction, if we are interacting to something in the form of video.

KODI is the platform which facilitates this media streaming urge of humans by its open source and the free platform. On KODI there are several of the media houses which provide the content to the KODI, and we generally know them as KODI addons. They offer their content from their respective region of the coverage, to their viewers directly using the KODI platform. This platform of KODI is very easy to be setup, and installed and it provides the easy compatibility to all kinds of operating systems and the devices.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the OVER EASY KODI add-on we will let you know about all features, and the content offerings of this add-on. OVER EASY KODI add-on has been introduced by the EGGMAN repository, and this add-on is basically the fork of the legendary exodus KODI add-on, and rest you may now have an idea about the performance of this add-on. The OVER EASY add-on is even having the same layout as with the Exodus KODI add-on, but still there is some difference between both of these addons in terms of their content and the quality of the content.

The OVER EASY KODI add-on in more dedicated to the movies, and the TV shows among its other content category. The user interface of this add-on is decent looking, and the content is also wide enough to let you keep exploring into it. All the listed content works very well, and the content is updated from time to time so that the viewers don’t feel boredom with the content.

The content that the OVER EASY KODI add-on offers to its users includes, Movies, TV shows, New trending movies, My movies, and the my TV shows options along with some other offering contents. This add-on holds the legacy of the exodus KODI add-on, so it has the extensive content in its bucket to provide to you.

Talking about the quality of the OVER EASY KODI add-on the content is in HD quality along with the decent audio quality, which enhances the experience of the viewers. This add-on is the best add-on for those, who are seeking the somewhat smaller addons, which are also credible enough in respect of their content, the OVER EASY KODI add on is best suited to them. We would say as our final view about the performance of the OVER EASY KODI add on you should make some space for this add on in your KODI addons list.

Before installing and start streaming media from any add-on, on the KODI media platform we would recommend you to secure your network with Virtual Private Network services. As the KODI is an open source media program, and since it doesn’t assure any security to your data or the privacy on its platform, it becomes your responsibility to secure your privacy over this platform.

KODI however restricts the pirated or the copyrighted media streaming on its platform, as it is an illegal act of media streaming hence KODI permits its users to stream only that data, which is available in the public domain or personally belongs to you.

Download & Install OVER EASY Kodi Addons

  • Go to the KODI software and open it then go to the system settings icon.

  • There you will see the file manager option click on that.

  • Clicking on file manager option further you will see the add source option click on that.

  • There you will be asked to provide the URL address of your media source.

  • Now in the next box give a name to this media source as MR EGGMAN and click Ok.

  • Review all the fields again to make sure all the fields are correct and Ok.

  • Now again come back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the addons option.

  • There you will see the package installer click on that.

  • It will start downloading after clicking on it.
  • Next make an installation from the zip file.

  • Now a box will pop up with many options click on the MR EGGMAN option there.

  • Click on repository EGGMAN zip file.

  • This repository file will start downloading and once it is finished downloading the pop up will appear.
  • Then make an installation from this repository file.

  • Click on the EGGMAN file.

  • Click on the video addons there.

  • Click on OVER EASY there.

  • And finally make it install.

With this the installation will be completed, and now to start streaming the content from this OVER EASY KODI add-on, just shut down and re-start the KODI. Go to the addons list there you will find this add-on, and then you may start streaming the content from this add on. If you need any further help ping us at anytime.