How To Download & Install PATRON AIO Kodi Addons

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KODI is an open source media streaming platform which has been introduced by the XBMC foundation, and earlier the KODI used to have its name under the same head of XBMC, later it was changed to KODI. Well as we know in today’s scenario we are living in a fully digitally advanced generation, where things be it anything are done being online on the Internet and the media streaming is also one of those things.

The media streaming trend has really evolved significantly with this generation from the offline television channels to online media streaming using various platforms with the help of Internet enabled devices.

When it comes to KODI this platform also holds it bold legacy in the media streaming platforms. KODI is probably one of those oldest media streaming software, which were developed during the time when the online media streaming trend started taking its first breath, and from then till now the KODI has evolved a lot in the terms of its content, the quality of its content, and also the various features that this program media program to its users. Today there is no denying with the fact that KODI media is arguably the most used media streaming platform at a global scale.

Today in this article we are going to talk about one of the famous KODI add-on, whose name is patron AIO KODI add-on. This add-on has been introduced by the BLAMO repository which is known for its another wonderful add-ons on the KODI such as the Neptune rising, BLAMO repo and the others. The Patron AIO is a third party KODI add on, so the KODI doesn’t have any role in its development.

Talking further about this add on it offers some good quality and the range of the content. The content that it offers to its users include the movies, TV shows, stand up, sports replays, music and some other content category. The content category of this add on is although not that extensive, it only offers some specific content to its users but the quality of its content is good enough, to provide a wonderful experience of enjoying the content together with your family at home.

This is a Spanish add on and hence the majority of the fan base for this add on comes from the Spanish region, still it’s appreciated across the world as per the preferences of the KODI media streamers. We would say this add on is although not that much extensive, but still it’s a good package of some medium amount of media streaming over KODI.

As we are aware with the fact that the media streaming on KODI is not altogether safe due to its open source platform, some users are there which are always seeking the ways to bypass your privacy, and then misuse your personal information. Considering that aspect it is duty of yours to keep your privacy in the safe hands.

When it comes to securing the privacy online on the web Virtual Private Network is the best network mode for you, to integrate your whole network with it. It hides your IP address from the reach of any external threat, and provides you fully safe and unlimited media streaming over KODI.

KODI also bans the copyrighted or the pirated media streaming over its platform, as it is an illegal media streaming act and comes under the data piracy offence, which is punishable under the Information technology law. So KODI only allows you to stream public domain media on its platform freely, be it on online or in the offline mode.

Download & Install PATRON AIO Kodi Addons

  • Launch your KODI software and go to the system settings icon in the opening interface.

  • There click on the add-ons.
  • After clicking on that you will the file manager option.

  • Click on the file manager option and then the add source option will appear.
  • This is the media adding source option click on it.

  • And then you will be asked to provide the address of the media source, that you want to add on KODI for streaming purpose.

  • Now give a name to this added media source as BLAMO and click Ok.

  • Now once again check all these fields again to make sure that all the fields are correct.

  • Then go back to the main menu of KODI.
  • Click on the addons option there.

  • Then on the package installer.

  • Now click on the installation from zip file.

  • Now the added media source BLAMO will appear click on that.

  • Next click on the BLAMO. Repository zip format file

  • The repository file will be downloaded and the pop up will appear after downloading.
  • Next click on the installation from repository.

  • Now click on the same BLAMO repository file.

  • Then click on the video addons

  • Then the Patron AIO option will appear.

  • Make it install finally

And with it your Patron AIO KODI add on will be installed and be ready to stream on the KODI Platform. We hope that you would love streaming it, and approach us for any further help in this regard. We are always happy to help you.