How to Install Pheonix Re- Born IPTV Kodi Add-ons

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Phoenix Reborn internet protocol television (IPTV) is another all in one KODI add-on. This all in one add-on is basically introduced by the phoenix Reborn repository media. The term Internet protocol television or IPTV conveys a meaning that, this is an online media streaming program which lets their users stream the online media on their computer, tablet or mobile devices using the internet connection, unlike any other wired television which requires a physical wire connection in order to have a broadcasting of any media.


This add-on provides the media streaming services on the go and without any wired connection which makes it the choice of modern generation. The phoenix Reborn IPTV add-on content section includes music, movies, kids programs, serials, thrillers, sports, live matches, cartoons or animation media, Radio, Germany and some other countries media programs streaming.

This is an all in one KODI add-on which means this is versatile add-on which includes the contents from all the genres of different programs and the countries, so if you are the one who wants to have a wide collection of different sort of media streaming then this add-on is a must added add-on to your KODI platform.


Hire Virtual Private Network services to use KODI media streaming since the KODI is an internationally based open media streaming programs, the users are connected to this media software across the world and due to its open connectivity, it puts a threat on your data security and your privacy as well. Before you use KODI media secure your network with Virtual private Network (VPN). It will keep your data and the privacy both in the safe hands securing your overall network zone.

Download & Install Pheonix Re- Born IPTV Kodi Add-ons

Do not stream the copyrighted or the pirated data on KODI media this is an illegal activity and KODI strictly prohibits it on its media streaming platform, stream only that data which either belongs to you personally or is available freely in the public domain.

The following steps will help you in setting up the Phoenix Reborn live TV KODI ADD-ON.

1. Open your opening interface of KODI media streaming software.

2. Go to the system settings icon in the top left side of the page.


3. There you will see file manager option click on the file manager file option there.


4. Now you will see add source option in the left side.


5. Click on that and you are now required to add the media source that you want to stream on the KODI.

6. Click on the none option.

7.Next and type a URL as


8. Give the name to this media source as TOJELAKOREPO.


9. Review all the fields again to see if all fields are correct.


10. Come back to the main menu and click on the add-ons options in the top left side options.


11. Now click on the package installer icon from there.


12. Now click on the install from zip file option next.


13. A box will open with the file name of TOJELAKOREPO.


14. Next click on the repository TOJELAKOREPO zip file.


15. This repository zip file will start downloading wait until it gets downloaded.


16. After installing click on install from repository option.


17. Next click on the TOJELAKOREPO Repository file.


18. Click on the Phoenix Reborn option.


19. Next the install option will click on that and you are done.


Enjoy your Phoenix Reborn KODI ADD-ON, and we hope that this article tutorial helped you in setting up your favorite Add-ons. We are always here and happy to help you.