How To Download & Install Power Kodi Addons

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KODI is an open source media platform which enables the users to stream the online or, offline media data using its platform. KODI is the platform which brought a revolution in the field of the online media streaming, or it can be said as that KODI is the platform which introduced the trend of online media streaming to the modern world.

A decade back the traditional sources of media broadcasting used to be the antenna wired TELEVISION for the video media broadcasting, and the radio media for the verbal media broadcasting. As the time changed with the innovation of the Internet, the revolution in the field of media broadcasting was also considered to be required.

The XBMC foundation which is the developing body of the KODI came with an idea of seamless media broadcasting and later they introduced the KODI to the world.

In today’s scenario where the online media streaming has become the very normal way of accessing the media content, the major credit of this trend goes to the KODI media streaming software as it was never that easily possible without the contribution of this platform of KODI.

The platform of KODI is open source in the sense, that this platform is open for every third party, which wants to broadcast its media content but is lacking the platform. KODI provides its platform to every such third party at free of cost, and this platform is also available for the users who want to stream the media being at free of cost.

You can play almost play every format of media using the KODI platform, be it the audio formats, or the any class of video quality. All the formats are compatible for the KODI media streaming platform, and moreover KODI provides its compatibility to almost all kinds of operating systems, and various kind of computing devices such as the Computers, Smart phones, tablets etc.

Today in this article we are going to talk about one such KODI add-on whose name is Power KODI add-on. This Power KODI add-on has been introduced by the ANDROIDBBOY repository, and is also the fork of the Legendary Elysium KODI add-on.

Power KODI add-on is such a wonderful KODI add-on which has been built over the Jen template, to provide the users with the best users interface and this power KODI add-on is also bundled with some great contents.

The content that this Power add on offers to its users includes the Movies, TV shows, News, Kids zone, Thrillers and much more other content. In particular the Power KODI add on is dedicate to the movie content this add-on provides you with various, and the versatile movie content be it from the trending movie zone, or from the vintage scenario you can find multiple kinds of movies on this Power KODI add-on.

Moreover they keep on changing or updating the content of this Power KODI add-on, so that the users don’t get bored with the same content over and over again, and they feel fresh every time they stream the media with the Power KODI add-on.

Further talking about the content quality, the content of this Power KODI add-on covers all its media offerings in the best HD class that users would love watching it, and the audio quality is also followed by the same class, to enhance the overall watching experience of the users.

We as our final verdict after considering all the aspects of this Power KODI add-on would say that you must give a trail to this add-on, if your particular choice is watching the online movies.

Before starting the media streaming over the platform of KODI we would want to bring it the safety aspect of KODI into your mind. Since we know that KODI being the open media source of streaming the media is not fully secure, and when it comes to your privacy or the information of media data that you stream over the KODI platform.

KODI doesn’t provide any safety assurance either to your privacy, or to the media data information that you stream over this platform of KODI. If you want to safeguard your privacy or the media data information, then just integrate your network with the Virtual Private Network services. It will keep your privacy in the safest hands, by hiding the IP address from the external sources.

KODI is an open media streaming platform source, however KODI bans its users from streaming the copyrighted or the pirated media hence being on the KODI platform, you can only stream that media which is available in the public domain or belongs to you personally.

Download & Install Power Kodi Addons

  • Go to the KODI system software and launch it then just go to the system settings icon which is located in the left side of the page.

  • Click on the file manager option there

  • Clicking on the file manager option next you will the add source option

  • In the add source option you need to provide the URL address of the media source that you want to add on the KODI

  • Type in the URL sources the address as and make it ok

  • Then name this added media source android and make it ok

  • Now just once again check all the above fields to make sure that all the fields are correct as per the instructions so that we can proceed further.

  • Now come back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the add-ons section there

  • There you will the package installer click on it and it will start downloading once it is downloaded

  • Click on the installation from the zip file

  • A box will appear with several options select the android from there

  • Next click on repository ANDROIDBBOY zip format file

  • This repository will start downloading, wait for it to be downloaded

  • Now make an installation from this repository

  • Then click on the ANDROIDBBOY next

  • Click on the video add-ons there

  • Next a box will appear with several options select the Power from them

  • At last make it install

With this the installation of the Power KODI addon will be finished. Now just shut down the KODI system software and then restart it again.

Go to the video addons section and there you will find this Power KODI add-on being installed. Click on this add-on and start streaming the media with it.

We hope that this tutorial article will help you in installing this add-on, feel free to ask us for any further assistance.