How To Setup & Install Prism Lite Kodi Build

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Prism Lite is a very good Kodi Build by Ukodi1 Wizard. Today we are going to provide you with the steps to install Prism Lite Kodi Build. is of 158 MB in size and uses the Aeon Nox SilvoSkin.

The main menu of this build has many sections like TV shows, Movies, Anubis, Gravity, Ektos, House of Blue, Sports, Cedric Souls, Mumm-Ra, Firecat, Genre, Kids, Music, Favorite and System. You can locate it in the Ukodi1 Wizard that is found in the Ukodi1 Repository under Programs.

Read the full article below to download and install the Prism Lite Kodi Build.

Setup and Install Prism Lite Kodi Build

  • From the main Kodi, the menu goes to the system settings.

  • Select the File manager.

  • Click on the add-source.

  • Select the option of None.

  • Copy and paste the URL and then click OK.

  • Select Ukodi1 and then click Ok.

  • Make sure everything is correct and then click OK.

  • Go back to the main menu and click on add-on.

  • Click on the option of add package installer.

  • Click on install from zip file.

  • Now click on Ukodi1.

  • Find and select repository.ukodi1

  • Click on

  • Wait for the notification saying add-on installed.

  • Select Install from the repository.

  • Now select ukodi1

  • Select programme add-on.

  • Click on ukodi1 Wizard

  •  And now click on install.