How to Install Project Cypher Kodi Addons 2018

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KODI is an open source free media player music and video streaming software which is designed to stream and play any kind of music media such as online video streaming, playing music and the videos from the local storage and the network storage of any device.
This media platform is basically designed to be compatible with any sort of operating system be it windows, android, Linux, Mac, ios.

The KODI media software just works as a host means it does not perform any kind of entertainment music media program on its own rather the KODI media player requires the other guest to integrate with is as a KODI add-ons and then the KODI media playing software just works as a platform to play that content on its source.


This music media software is highly customizable as per the taste and the requirement of any user you can edit or change the overall appearance of the software by changing the default skin into any other of your taste, You can also add-on certain plug ins platform such as Amazon prime, Netflix, or any other live media streaming platform to this software and play the content of your taste with a brand new experience.


How to Install Project Cypher Kodi Add-ons

It is basically a CYPHER media the media allows the users to enjoy live broadcasting matches such as football leagues matches, your favorite movies, tv series , documentaries made on people’s lives live concerts broadcasting directly from the hall itself and also some other program that are broadcasted by the CYPHER media.

You can make an add on of the CYPHER media on the KODI media player to boost your entertainment scale with the KODI add-ons. The KODI add-ons lets you play the CYPHER media program with a great media quality and the audio clearance.

You can make a CYPHER media KODI add-on by following these steps.

Download & Install Project Cypher Kodi Add-ons

First of all we suggest you to use any VPN services before you start using KODI as it will take care of your privacy and the data that you stream on the KODI platform

Follow the steps as are following

1. GO to the system menu icon on the top left of the KODI opening interface and click on the system icon

2. Now click on the file manager option from the various appearing options

3. You will see the add source option on the top left space

4. Another option saying as ‘none’ get into that option

5. Insert the URL of CYPHER media as click Ok

6. Name this added media source as CYPHER media and click ok

7. Review this procedure once again and make sure everything is OK

8. Go back to the main menu and click on the add-ons feature

9. Then open the package installer from there

10. You will see the installing options

11. Click on the install from the zip file option from there

12.A new box will slide to you as a CYPHER option just click on it

13. Click on the next option of click repository CYPHER locker zip file

14. CYPHER lock will begin to install wait for the pop up which will say CYPHER lock installed.


15.  In top right click on the installation from repository

16. Click on the CYPHER locker from there

17. Click on the fire next option saying as project CYPHER


18. You will see a install option click on it and you are done.

So this is how you can make a CYPHER media Add-on on the KODI platform. We hope this article might have helped you enjoy your KODI media surfing.