How to Install Kodi on a Raspberry PI2 or PI3

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The Raspberry Pi is a different kind of computing arena in the computer science. It was developed and introduced in the United Kingdom for the purpose of teaching the school children’s the fundamentals of computer science but later this model of Pi computing became so popular and demanding that the company had to start manufacturing and selling the device for general users as well.

The pi computing is based on the Mini Computer systems which are smaller in size than the normal computers we see around us. Today this model has its huge popularity and the use across the world and the pi computing developing company known as Raspberry pi foundation has launched the several generations of pi computing such as pi1 model b, pi2 and pi3.

These models were first introduced for the fundamentals computer science teaching only, but now this computing is being used by the variety of the users worldwide in their own purposes, since these computers are able to execute most of the functions just like any other normal computers systems.

Download & Install Kodi on a Raspberry PI2 or PI3

The pi computing based information systems are able to execute the KODI streaming services as well and many users use these pi computers to stream the media from the KODI platform, so if you are the one who is having the pi computer system then this article is basically meant for you as it will help you in setting up the KODI media software on your Pi computer system.

So if you want to install KODI to a RESPBERRY PI3 you will need the following things with you.

  • Proper Power Supply
  • A controller to control your system such as mouse or the keyboard.
  • A MICRO SD Card

Now follow these steps in the same order.

1. First of all you need to download the OSMC Raspberry pi installer setup as per your operating System for example choose the windows OSMC installer if you are using Windows pc.

2. Now insert the SD card in which your KODI software files will be written and now run the OSMC installer.

3. Choose your desired language for the program and then choose the Raspberry pi 2 from the next bottom box

4. Now you will be asked to choose your build version, choose the latest ones.
Now you will need to select a media to write your package and for that purpose you are already using the SD card so choose the SD card

5. Now select the kind of Internet connection you are using from wired or wireless connection.

6. The package is written to the drive check if it is Ok


7. Now Accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement.

8. The package will now start downloading.

9. OSMC package will be written to the inserted SD card as you chose the SD card option.

10. Once the writing is finished it will show the pop up as the SD card is ready to install the Raspberry pi

11. Now insert this SD card into the Raspberry pi.

12. Now you need to plug in all the cables to the Raspberry.

13. The HDMI cable will redirect to the monitor another cable will be for the internet such as Ethernet cable and the other wire will be of USB mouse or the keyboard as a controller.

14. The OSMC will now start installing


So this is how you can install KODI on a raspberry pi2 or pi3, we believe that this article helped you in this regard. Share your opinion with us and enjoy KODI streaming.