How To Download & Install Resistance Kodi Addons

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KODI is one of the world’s major online or offline media broadcasting program, which has been developed by the XBMC a Non Profit organization. This program was built by the XBMC foundation, keeping the only main purpose of entertaining the world, with an easy and affordable access of media broadcasting.

XBMC foundation had a vision that they wanted to provide the world with seamless media streaming capabilities, being anywhere and anytime without the hurdle of getting connected to the Televisions with the help of wired connection, typically like a traditional sources of media broadcasting.

XBMC evolved the media streaming trend from the traditional sources of offline media broadcasting, to the modern sources of online media broadcasting, by the innovation of its KODI platform. KODI is an open source of media streaming platform, being the open source, we mean that you can play any kind of media content using this platform of KODI.

Moreover you may also add some of the other media content offering channels, on the KODI, to have an uninterrupted and the regular form of media streaming.

The best thing about this KODI platform is that despite of being the world’s most advanced, and innovative source of media platform this platform of KODI is available at free of cost, which means any user can register him/herself at the KODI platform without paying any charges.

The other factor is the easy compatibility of this media streaming program. KODI is compatible enough to all kind of operating systems such as windows, Linux, Mac, Android and others. Today in this article we are going to talk about one such KODI add-on whose name is Resistance KODI add on.

This RESISTANCE KODI add-on has been introduced by the same repository, as its name the Resistance repository. Resistance KODI add-on is considered to be one of the best IPTV in the KODI addons list and, before we talk more about this add on, let’s just first understand the concept of the IPTV.

An IPTV basically stands for the Internet Protocol Televisions, which means in the IPTV concept the media broadcasting of the same content of televisions channel is conducted, by using the Internet sources and with a particular platform such as using the KODI platform.

IPTV is the modern term and is related to online media streaming, and in today’s scenario every contents of television is being broadcasted, using the Internet as the IPTV concept of media broadcasting. Further talking about the Resistance KODI add-on this is a Spanish add-on and hence it has the most content category in its bucket from the Spanish territory, yet other than that Resistance KODI add-on also offer some other sort of media content to its users.

This add-on offers an amazing content from other countries of the world being fully dubbed in the Spanish language, and other than this Resistance add-on also offer some of the USA TV live IPTV channels to its users.

The other section of the RESISTANCE KODI add-on includes the sports category although this add-on offers all kind of sports content, but its core focus is on football content it includes the very thorough content of the football matches, so if you are a FIFA lover then you should keep your eyes at this KODI add-on. It also includes the Spanish, and the American English content of the best music.

If you are a music lover then this resistance KODI add-on won’t disappoint you at that aspect either. Further talking about the content quality of the RESISTANCE KODI add on, The content is all in HD class, along with the very joyful audio quality, which enhances your overall experience of watching the content, over this RESITANCE KODI add-on.

Considering all these aspects of this add-on our advice to you is that, if you are a Spanish content lover then this should be your first preference other than that, this add-on also has some other average content offering with it.

We want you to know that before you start streaming the media, using the KODI platform just secure your open network with the Virtual Private Network services. Since we know that KODI is an open source of media streaming, and that open source aspect doesn’t provide the any safety assurance to the KODI user’s data or the privacy.

Securing your network with the VPN makes sure that your IP address remains in the safest hands, and you stream the unlimited KODI media being on this platform.

Download & Install Resistance Kodi Addons

  • Go to the KODI software and launch it, then go to the system settings icon which is located at the top left side of the page.

  • Then you will see the file manager option there click on that, after that the add source option will appear and it will ask you to provide the URL address, that you want to add on the KODI media.

  • Later name this media as Resistance and make it ok.

  • Now just review all the fields again to make sure that all the fields are correct and we can proceed further.

  • Now come back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the KODI addons section.

  • There you will see the package installer click on it and it will start downloading wait for it.

  • After downloading the package installer make an installation from the zip file.

  • Now a box will appear with several options select the Resistance option from there.

  • Next select the repository. Resistance zip format file.

  • This repository will start downloading wait for it to be downloaded, the pop up will appear.

  • Then make an installation from this repository.

  • Select the Resistance repository next.

  • Then tap on the video addons.

  • Select the Resistance, and finally make it install.

With it the Resistance KODI add-on installation will be finished. Shut down your KODI, and restart it again, to see the Resistance KODI add-on in your KODI add-ons list, and then click on the add-on to start streaming the media with it.

We hope that this tutorial article would help you in installing this add-on. Feel free to ask us for any further assistance.