How To Setup A Kodi Android TV Box: Step By Step

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KODI is one of the most widely used media streaming platforms now. It is popular across the globe among the online media streaming lovers. If you are one of those who tends to enjoy the online media streaming, then we are assuming that you are already aware with the name of KODI.

KODI was basically introduced by the XBMC foundation more than a decade ago when there was hardly any platform which could provide the users with the ability of the online media streaming.

XBMC which is a Non-Profit Organization introduced the KODI into a world so that the world can take a step together in the digital world that is the online media streaming.

Earlier the development of the KODI the media broadcasting use to be very limited, and at that time there were limited sources of media streaming such as the radio and the Television. Television being on the wired connection there was no probability aspect with the media streaming, which meant that the users had to stick to the one place before the TV in order to watch the media broadcasting on it

Today after the Internet innovation and the introduction of KODI gave a new definition to the online streaming media. Now media broadcasting and media streaming both are possible on the digital platform of KODI using the Internet connection. Media streaming lovers can now stream their favourite media being anywhere and anytime which is indeed a great convenience to them.

KODI provides its open source compatibility to the various devices such as the computers or the mobile devices, which means that the users can set up or install the KODI on their Smartphone device or the computer system. Further, the KODI is also available to be installed on the Android TV box.

Android TV box is the latest innovation of the modern world. How To update Android TV box is entirely based on a different concept than the normal Television. Android TV box is based or built on the Android operating system, unlike the normal TV. Android TV box is based on the Android operating system is equipped with all the modern features just like any Smartphone or the computer device.

The users can install the various applications for the Best Android TV box along with many other features. Today in this article we are basically going to talk about that how the KODI lovers can install the KODI box to any normal TV and then can access the KODI from the android box to their normal TV.

How To Setup Android TV Box

  • An android box comes with an HDMI cable which is used to connect the normal TV with the Android box and after connecting the users can access the Android box content directly to their TV.
  • Connect your TV to the Android box with the help of the HDMI cable
  • Now plug the power supplied adapter to the Android TV box and then turn the TV on.
  • Now you just need to get connected to the Internet with the help of the WIFI or the Ethernet network.
  • Next and at last go to the KODI section of the TV screen and from there you can easily access the KODI and start streaming the KODI content.

We hope that this tutorial article will help you in getting your TV connected to the Android TV box. If you are still facing any issue just feel free to ask.