How To Download & Install SHARK Kodi Sports Addons

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Discussing about the name of KODI is not a casual affair, for those who are indulged in the online or the offline media streaming, as the KODI is considered to be the Godfather of the online media streaming trend among the modern generation, since which provided us the very first platform of media streaming.

KODI is an open source of media streaming player, which was introduced by the XBMC foundation a long decade back, when the trend of online media streaming was just being born.

KODI provided its platform to the online media streaming. KODI is one of those oldest media streaming platforms, which were developed during the first online media streaming phase.

Today in this article we are going to talk about the Shark KODI sports add-on. This add-on has been introduced to KODI by the Shark repository however this add-on being the third party KODI add-on, doesn’t have any link with the KODI, as it is developed by the third party developers.

Well as the name suggest this Shark KODI add-on has been completely dedicated to the sports arena, and being completely dedicated to the sports zone the Shark KODI sports add-on holds its separate and unique recognition, in the heart of all sports lovers who love to be indulged in the sports streaming.

Although the shark KODI sports add-on is completely meant and dedicated to the sports arena but yet there is a limitation of this add-on and that limitation is that this add-on solely focus on the sports replays, that means the Shark KODI sports add-on isn’t meant to be for those sports lovers, who want the live sports media streaming at their single click.

This add on just lags behind at the live sports media streaming however the shark sports KODI add-on provides one section to live sports media streaming, but that is only minor sports events and doesn’t hold that much fan following. Shark media covers the following sports replays such as hockey, NASCAR, formula one, NHL, streaking, best of Monday night, and others such sports replays.

The content quality of these sports replays media is all in HD, along with a wonderful sound quality. This shark KODI sports add-on might not be suitable for those who want the premium quality live media streaming.

If you are one of those who don’t have much time to stream the live media streaming, and hence want something as sports replays, so that you can at least cover the sports in a short span, then this shark KODI sports add-on is a must needed KODI add-on for you.

We believe that you are already aware with the fact that KODI media streaming player being the open source platform doesn’t provide any safeguard to your data and privacy, hence you are supposed to safeguard your privacy in your own hands.

Secure your network by the Virtual Private Network, as it hides your IP address and provides you unlimited media streaming with an encryption of data between you and your surfing servers, hence integrate your network with the VPN and stream any media without any sense of fear.

KODI strictly bans those users who are indulged in the pirated or the copyrighted media streaming at its platform, since this is an illegal offence and KODI strictly bans it. You are allowed to stream only that media, which is available either In the public domain or personally belongs to you.

Download & Install SHARK Kodi Sports Addons

  • Go to your KODI media streaming player and launch it.
  • Then go to the system settings icon at the top left side of the page.

  • Click on it and then click on the file manager option next.
  • Clicking on the file manager option you will see the add source option.

  • Click on the add source option and provide an URL address of the media source that you want to add on the KODI.

Type the URL address as and make it ok.

  • Later then name this media source as Shark.

  • Now again check all the fields again to make sure that all the information that are filled by you are correct.

  • Then go back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the add ons option there.

  • Then on the package installer after which the package installer will start downloading.
  • After downloading of it click on the install from the zip file.

  • Then a box will slide outward to you select the Shark media option from it.

  • Again few options will appear and select the shark repository from them.
  • Click on the shark repository zip format file.

  • This repository will start downloading and will be installed after installing the pop up will appear.
  • Now make an installation from this repository.

  • Click on the shark repository.

  • Then click on the video add-ons.

  • Again click on the shark media.

  • And finally make it install.

Your installation has been completed, now you just need to shut down the KODI and restart it again. After restarting the KODI media streaming player, just go to the KODI add-ons section, and you will find the shark media KODI add-on being installed there.

Open it and start streaming your media with this add-on. We believe that this tutorial will help you, and if you need any further assistance feel free to ping us anytime.