How To Download & Install SHIELD MAIDEN Kodi Addons

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KODI is the multi format playing and the online offline video streaming media player, which has been introduced by the XBMC foundation more than a decade back. KODI is an open source of media streaming in the sense, that the users can download this media player freely from the website and play their desired content using this platform freely and easily.

Moreover KODI is also open for various others media channels which are having the media content with them, but they are lacking the platform to broadcast it.

KODI basically works as a host for those media channel which have the content to broadcast those media channels are called as KODI add-ons since they are added on the KODI platform to broadcast their media. KODI is very friendly media streaming player in the terms of providing the stability to the various operating systems, and the devices.

KODI offers its easy compatibility to the operating systems such as windows, Linux, Mac, Android and other OS along with the top most used devices such as the Windows PC, Android smart phones, Raspberry devices, Amazon FIRESTICK, Apple TV and many others and for this reason the KODI media streaming center is one of the most sought among the media streaming lovers.

Well today in this article we are going to discuss about one of such KODI add-on which provides the media broadcasting using the KODI platform. Yes we are talking about the Shield maiden KODI add-on. This add-on has been introduced by the BLAMO Android boy repository and is a wonderful add-on. This shield maiden KODI add-on is known as all in one KODI add-on due to its extensive content list that it provides to the users.

This add-on covers various sections of the content, and you can find almost everything here along with some advanced features. Talking about the content of the  shield Maiden KODI add on its content section includes the following content such as movies, TV shows, IMDB content, Kids shows, Live or highlighted sports replays, TRACKT and the DEBERID movies sections and much more you can find being on the shield maiden KODI add-on.

Further talking about its content quality the content is mostly in the HD quality, and provides an awesome audio quality as well which enhances the overall watching experience of the users. Shield maiden also provides some great feature in its add-on such as the DEBERID or the TRACKT features, in which the users can download their movies and watch it later being offline in case there is no Internet connection.

So considering all such aspects of this shield maiden KODI add-on, we would suggest you to give a trail to this add-on if you are seeking something like a medium range of quality content, you should think about the shield maiden KODI add-on.

Before you start streaming the media on KODI keep in mind, that KODI doesn’t assure the safety of your privacy or the data on its platform, and there are cases when the privacy of the users have always been under a threat. Considering that make sure that your network is fully protected with the Virtual Private Network.

VPN hides your IP address from the reach of the hackers or other outsider sources, and provides you the fully secured unlimited content streaming on the KODI.

Although KODI is an open platform, however it bans the copyrighted or the pirated media streaming on its platform, since that’s an illegal media streaming and also punishable. So stream only public domain available media on KODI, and enjoy the risk free media streaming.

Download & Install SHIELD MAIDEN Kodi Addons

  • Go to your KODI software and launch it then go to the system settings icon of the KODI which is located in the left side of the page.

  • There click on the file manager option.

  • Clicking on file manager you will next see the add source option.

  • Click on the add source option and then provide the URL address of your media source that you want to add on the KODI.

  • Now name this added media source as BLAMO and click ok.

  • Recheck all the fields again to make sure all the fields are correct.

  • After that Come back to the main menu of the KODI and go to the add-ons section.

  • Click on the package installer there and it will start downloading.

  • Once it is download just make an installation from the zip file.

  • After that you will see many options select the BLAMO option from them.

  • Then click on the install from BLAMO zip repository file.

  • This BLAMO repository will start downloading wait for it to be downloaded.
  • After downloading the pop up will appear.
  • Next click on the installation from this repository.

  • Then select the BLAMO repository.

  • Click next on the add-on repository.

  • And then click on the android boy repository.

  • Make an installation from this.

  • Go to the video repository section and choose the android boy.

  • Then click on the video add-ons.

  • You will see the shield maiden add on.

  • Just install it finally and you are done.

With this your shield maiden KODI add on installation will be done. Now to start this add-on just restart KODI, and go to the KODI add-ons section there you will see this add on.

Open and start streaming of your favorite content. If you need any further assistance feel free to approach us.