How to Install Shows Motion Kodi Addon

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Shows motion is another new KODI add on which has been introduced by the pure repository, the same repository which has introduced the other classic addons such as pure sports and pure repo KODI addons, and further, they have introduced the show’s motion add on. Talking about further the shows motion KODI add on, it is built on the Jen template which gives an amazing interface to its users Shows motion add-on and add a soothing experience of media streaming to the eyes.

The shows motion has a lot in its bucket to offer to the users its contents category includes the following offering such as movies, TV shows, serials, drama, kids zone, the sports matrix cover whole sports schedule of this add on which has always been on demand, and other than this it includes some other things also in its bucket. This add on is very simple to set up and then in navigation as well it does not require so much of your efforts. The content category of this add on has been divided in some portions which makes it easy to search and stream the media that you are willing to stream.

This add on is such a wonderful add on and considering all the above mentioned facts you should definitely add this add on to your list at least for a trial, and we believe that trial would last just forever. Before streaming this add on at your KODI media we would advise you to secure your network with Virtual Private Network, (VPN) it secures your data that you stream on KODI and also your privacy in safe hands from any external threat, since there are the people who are always seeking the ways to bypass your firewall and get into privacy.

Although KODI is an open source media streaming centre but it does not allow or promote streaming the copyrighted or the pirated media on its platform that is strictly prohibited at KODI, and you are allowed to stream only public domain available data on KODI platform.

Download & Install Shows Motion Kodi Addon

1. Launch your KODI software and in the opening page you will the system icon settings in the top left side.

2. Click on the system settings icon.

3. Clicking on that the file manager option will appear.

4. Click on file manager.

5. Now you will be asked to add the URL of the media source that you want to add on KODI.

6. Now add the URL as click ok.

7. Name this added media source as BLAMO and click ok.

8. Recheck all the fields again to see if everything is correct.

9. Now again come back to the opening KODI menu and click on the add ons option there.

10. In the top left side the package installer option will appear click on that.

11. Now click on install from zip file format next.

12. A box will slide outward with a file name BLAMO click on that.

13. Next click on the repository pure repo zip file.

14. This file will start downloading.

15. After downloading click on the install from repository.

16. Click on the pure repo option.

17. Now click on video add-ons

18. Click on the shows motion name.

19. And finally install it.

After installing it, restart your KODI software and check your add-ons it will appear there we hope that you would love streaming this add on.