How to Install Simply Slim Build Kodi 18 Leia

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The simply slim build KODI add-on is a build and not an add-on in its category this build does not form part of the KODI repository rather it is supported by its developmental team. As we have already said that this is not an add-on rather, it’s a KODI build and it offers various other Add-ons from it. As the name suggest the simply slim build KODI is actually a very simple and small in size KODI build yet it offers some great add-ons to the viewers.

This Build is famous for one other reason and that is the size of this KODI build it is just of 139Mb in size which make it the first choice for all kind of devices to add in their add-on list and the second reason is the kind of add-ons that this build provides to the users. The add-on that simply slim KODI build provides includes Redemption, Pure sports, UFC fight pass, and much more than these.

These add-ons includes the following sections such as Movies ,TV shows, Serials, Drama, Live matches, Vegas wizard, Kids zone, Weather reporting, Live audio videos music streaming and much more stuff.
This add-on should be given one trail to check if it gets fitted to your taste and the requirements of desired programs and for all those who are seeking the low size KODI add-ons this build full fills such criteria.

If You are Using the KODI media streaming too often then it is advisable to you from us, that you consider integrating the Virtual Private Network  (VPN) services in your computing network. Since the KODI is an open source media streaming program many intruders are seeking the ways to surpass your privacy, and harm or steal your personal important data, So using VPN for KODI is the most important Prerequisite for all the users.

Download & Install Simply Slim Build Kodi 18 Leia

Use KODI for streaming only that data which either belongs to you personally or is available in the public domain use freely. KODI does not promote the piracy of data or the theft and streaming of any copyrighted data.

Follow these steps in the same order to install Simply Slim KODI Build.

1. Launch your KODI Media software and go to the top left icon of system settings.

2. You will see the file manager option there.

3. Click on it.

4. Now add your media source that you want to add on KODI platform.

5. Next in the none section

6. You will need to enter the URL of that media source.

7. Add the URL of your media as

8. Click Ok.

9. In the next option give a name to this source of BLAMO and click Ok.

10. Review all the fields again to check if everything is right.

11. Come back to the main menu again and click on the add-ons option.

12. In the top left side click the package installer option there.

13. Next option will be click on install from the zip file.

14. Next the BLAMO file will appear select it.

15. Now click on the repository BLAMO zip file.

16. This file will be downloaded and installed.

17. Next click on the install from repository file.

18. Now click on the file of BLAMO repository.

19. Click KODI Vegas name option.

20. Click on the installation option.

21. Now this Vegas wizard fill will be installed.

22. A pop up will appear after the installation.

23. Click on dismiss the popup.

24. Next click on the continue option.

25. There will be many appearing options next choose the click build menu option from them.

26. Now click next on the file simply slim 18.

27. Now make a fresh install now from the next options.

28. A pop up will appear after it is downloaded Now click on continue.

29. It will start downloading.


30. Restart and Re-launch the KODI your program is successfully installed.

We believe that you will enjoy this KODI build thoroughly do let us know that in the comment section below if our article helped you in this installation. We are always happy to help enjoy.