How to Install Slartibartfast all in one best Kodi Add-on

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The SLARTIBARTFAST KODI add-on is introduced by the Vista free Repository and this Add-on is known to be the all in one KODI add-on. If you are someone who wants to enjoy the combination of all other available KODI add-ons on the KODI media then SLARTIBARTFAST add-on is the one for you. Since this add-on brings all sort of content from almost all other Add-ons in itself, this is what makes this add-on an unique and versatile in its category, it offers you the content from every category of add-ons be it sports, movies, serials drama or anything else.

This SLARTIBARTFAST KODI add-on makes it possible that you can watch your favorite movies or any other form of media right at the demand, that means now you do not have to wait for a long while to watch your favorite movies, music, shows or any category you can ask for your preference by making a demand of it and you will be provided with your desired program instantly.

The content that this SLARTIBARTFAST KODI add-on offers to its users include TV shows, Serials, Kids zone, On demand TV series, cartoon or animation shows, and much more category in its bucket and this is what makes this add-on one of the most favorite available KODI add-ons.

Use Virtual Private Network services to secure your data and the privacy while streaming the media on KODI since it is an open source of media streaming your privacy is always at risk there.

Download & Install Slartibartfast all in one best Kodi Add-on

KODI does not allow or promote streaming the copyrighted or the pirated data on its platform since it is illegal to stream pirated or copyrighted data without the owner permission.

Follow these steps in the same order to install SLARTIBARTFAST KODI add-on.

1. Launch your KODI media software.Click on the top left icon of system setting.

2. you will see file manager option.

3. Go to the file manager option.

4. In the left side add source option will be visible.

5. Click on the add source option where it says “None”.

6. Now you will be asked to enter the URL of your media source.

7. Type the URL as

8. Next name this media source as “Vista”.

8. Recheck everything if all fields are Ok.

10. Now go to the main menu again of KODI software.

11. Click on the add-ons package installer option there.

12. Next click on the install from zip file.

13. Next a box will open with the name of Vista.

14. Click next on the repository vista zip file.

15. This repository file will be downloaded now.

16. After downloading Click on the install from repository.

17. Next click on the option of Vista TV free add-on repository.

18. Click on the videos add-on option next.

19. Select the SLARTIBARTFAST option next.

20. Finally click on the install option and it’s done.

Share your views with us if this of our article helped you in installing this SLARTIBARTFAST KODI add-on. We are always happy to help.