How To Setup & Install Smash Kodi Wizard on Krypton

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Smash Wizard is an all new and latest Kodi install and maintenance tool. It has some nice Builds that includes Colossus v1.2, Skylar C v2.2, Rolling Steel v2.3, Horizon Vx.x, and Schism anniversary edition. Today we will show you the steps to install Smash Kodi Wizard.

Setup and Install Smash Kodi Wizard

  • Click on the Kodi menu click on the system settings.

  • Select the file manager.

  • Click on the add-source.

  • Select the option of None.

  • Copy and paste the URL and name the media source as Smash Repo.

  • Check that everything is correct and click ok.
  • From the main menu click on add-ons.

  • Select the add-on package installer icon.

  • Click on install from zip file.

  • Select the smash repo.

  • Select

  • Wait for add-on installed notification.

  • Click on install from repository.

  • Select SMASH repo.

  • Click on program add-on

  • Select Smash Wizard.

  • Click on install.