How To Download & Install Smith and Wesson Kodi Addon

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Smith and Wesson is one of the most popular Kodi Addon. This add – on is one which consists of all the content in one package so considered as complete package Addon. Whatever content you want to use is available and you can directly watch from here. Contents like:

  • Movies
  • Network by Country
  • Web channels
  • TV shows
  • Music
  • Sports
  • Kids section
  • Smith learning
  • Search etc.

And many more contents is available that cover wide range of all contents which make it popular among the users. The repository which includes this add-on is “Mr and Mrs Smith” Repository.

To use this kind of add-ons use good quality VPN services which gives good internet connection as these contents need high quality range of internet connection. And always first connect with the VPN service and then start Kodi on your system after establishment of Virtual environment for the secure use of Kodi. There is ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish VPN and many other top rated VPN services which you can use for this purpose which is available with good subscription plan and offers return back money or trail for your satisfaction with the particular VPN service you want to use.

No need to trouble for the guidance of Smith and Wesson Addon installation.

Download & Install Smith and Wesson Kodi Addon

It will be provided in this article so that you can easily install without getting troubled any more.

  • In the Kodi Main menu at the top left corner there is icon of Settings. Press this icon

  • Now, Click on the File manager option.

  • In the next list, select Add source option.

  • A screen displayed on which there is NONE option, firstly select this option and then go for OK button

  • In the next box you have to write down the name for this repository link which you need to remember as well for the further use. So, you can name it similar to the repository name that is “Smith” and press OK.

  • Now, re check all the options correct or not and then press OK button

  • Move backward with the help of back arrow and at the Home Page go to Main Menu again
  • Here, select ADDONS option.

  • In the top corner of left side select Add on package installer icon.

  • Select “Install from Zip file”

  • Then, select SMITH option from the list

  • Select this zip file “”

  • After the notification of installation of this repository zip file go to the option “Install from repository”.

  • Here, select the repository for this add on that is “Mr and Mrs Smith Repository”

  • Click on the Video Add-ons

  • In the next list select Smith and Wesson Addon.

  • Press Install button

Smith and Wesson Addon is successfully installed on your Kodi Addon list now.