How To Speed Up a VPN Connection

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People use VPNs widely for various reasons like security and privacy and getting around network restrictions. Although using a VPN is great but sometimes it slows down. It becomes annoying when we are streaming videos from online sources such as Kodi or Netflix. If a VPN is slow the blame will pass on to the provider which is not always the problem.

The use of ISP, hardware, and the VPN protocol can make a big difference in VPN speeds. If you are experiencing a bad VPN and slow speeds then there is a simple thing that you can do to speed things up. Matching the right protocol to the hardware is the best way to speed up a VPN. There are a few things to take care of in order to get the best speeds so here is a quick look at each.

Is The VPN Service Slow?

There is a possibility with various bad VPN providers as the top VPN companies invest the large amount in Servers and different protocols. Many people try a VPN service so if it is slow then cancel the service and switch another. Before cancelling the service try a few options below

Hardware Being Used

The fast speed of hardware will have a big impact on a VPN. For example, Android TV boxes have become very popular because they are low-cost streaming devices, but can’t be compared to the latest PC. To get faster speeds slow hardware can use a less secure VPN Protocol because it doesn’t require more computing power letting slower hardware move faster.

VPN Protocols 

Various VPN Protocols have the goal of encrypting data among two computer devices over the internet. Every protocol has its own pros and cons. As all of us want the best encryption possible it is difficult for slow hardware to encrypt and decrypt, hence it slows down the entire process. Taking a speed test and changing the protocol will give your hardware the best speeds possible.

How To Change a VPN Protocol 

Check under the VPN software settings to change VPN protocol.

Eg.  Using the IPvanish on the computer under Settings and then VPN Active Protocol from the drop-down box. Not all Protocol options are available as it depends on the hardware.

Which VPN Protocol is Best?

Here are few best VPN protocol;

  • Open VPN
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • IKeV2

Although the given VPNs are the best but fastest way to find the good VPN Protocol for your hardware is to go to the protocol options, connect, and do an online speed test.