How To Setup & Install Speedway Portal add-on Kodi 17.6 Krypton

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The Speedway Portal Add-on is all about motorcycle or bike racing. If you are a real fan of sports then this add-on is special. Even if you are not a fan of sports also you can enjoy by watching it.

The speedway is consist of World Finals, World Team Cup, SEC European Championships, Best Pairs, Championship Events, Challenge Meetings, Individual Meetings, Farewells and Testimonials, Documentation & Interviews, Fight, Disagreements & suffices, Super Heats, World League and British.

If you are a real fan or sports lover then this speedway is so special you can enjoy a lot and have fun.

The plugin is located in the metal kettle repository with the following below steps for how to install it with pictures.

How To Install Speedway Portal add-on Kodi 17 Krypton

Step 1 – Go to the main menu at the top left corner and click the system icon ie setting symbol

Step 2 – After clicking system icon – go to the file manager is in the bottom right corner ie last folder

Step 3 – After clicking the file manager – click the left side Add source folder

Step 4 – After clicking the Add source – click to the None

Step 5 – After clicking None – type in the URL and click OK

Step 6 – After clicking OK – You will get a name box. In that box type Fusion and click OK

Step 7 – After clicking OK check twice to see everything is correct or not and click OK

Step 8 – After clicking OK – Go back to the main menu and click Add-ons

Step 9 – After clicking add-ons – Go to the top left corner and click Package Installer

Step 10 – After clicking Package Installer – click the folder name: Install from zip file

Step 11 – After clicking to the Install from zip file – a box will suddenly appear – find Fusion and click

Step 12 – After clicking Fusion – click to the Kodi – repos

Step 13 – After clicking to the Kodi-repos – Find English folder and click it

Step 14 – After Clicking English – find and click it for the repository to install.

Step 15 – After clicking to the – It will suddenly appear at the top right installed and may update.

Step 16 – After installing – click Install from the Repository.

Step 17 – After clicking Install from Repository – find MetalKettles Addon Repository and click it.

Step 18 – After clicking the MetalKettles Addon Repository – Find video Add-ons and click it

Step 19 – After clicking Add-ons – Find Speedway Portal, it is in the middle of the folder name and clicks it.

Step 20 – After clicking  Speedway Portal – Go to the right corner and click install.

Step 21 – After installing – Speedway Portal will be situated from video Add-ons.

Thank you