How To Setup & Install Sports Classic Kodi Add-on 

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Sports classic is kodi add-on found in the shark repo which offers a great range of options for live sports. It contains various sections like sky sports F1, NFL streams by teams, Fifa world cup, MLB streams by Teams and much more. This Add – on is only for you if you are a sport lover. You can enjoy all kind of sports under one section. You just have to install and this add-on have a lot more to offer you.

But before moving to how to install Sports Classic Kodi add-on, Lets discuss something about Kodi, how it started, faced competition and rose from the bottom and reached new heights. So Kodi is developed by XBMC foundation, it is a free open-source media player software application.

It was started as XBMC (Xbox media centre) which has enabled the console to play every kind of images, music and videos and given a new way to entertainment system. But its popularity was short lived and it started becoming less appealing as instant streaming applications were introduced which give same services for almost every format.

Soon Kodi recovered all the problems and rose from its ashes and changed the system like Amazon fire, PCs and Mac into Ultimate entertainment system which support footage and audios from almost everywhere. It now have the power to use add-ons and cameup with various add-ons that include Guzril, Bennu, Dark love, Aliunde, Indigo, Salts, Bob Unleashed and sports classic.

The Kodi have to power of turned on any device like smartphone, computer or tablet into a streamer or digital set-top box and give users the ability to stream file from local storage, home network or internet. Unlike other TV streamer such as Apple TV, Chromecast2, Amazon fire TV stick Kodi isn’t  restricted by licensing. So it allows its users to download a good range of community made apps or add-ons and watch whenever you like.

Kodi, with its purpose-built  UI and Add-ons has made browsing simple and easy. The new software called “10-foot UI” which means it can read 10 ft away from the theoretical distance. Users can now browse podcast, videos, photos easily and quickly with the help of range of in-built codes. Although kodi offers a similar kind of experience on smaller devices but one can switch up to a larger TV for a big screen viewing experience.

Setup & Install Sports Classic Kodi Add-on

  • On the top left of the screen click on system setting.

  • Select the file manager option.

  • Click Add source on the left of the page.

  • Next click on “None” bar.

  • Make sure everything is correct and click OK.

  • Get back to the main menu bar and click Add on.

  • Now select add-on package installer icon on the top left of the page.

  • Click on install zip file.

  • A pop-up box will appear, select the shark option.

  • Scroll down, find the option of sharkrepo and click on it.

  • Click on

  • Wait for the repository to download until the pop-up bar saying “Shark repo installed” appear on the top rught of the screen.

  • Now click on install from repository.

  • Next click on shark Repo.

  • Click on the video Add-ons bar.

  • Click the option of sports classic.

  • The final step is to click on install.