How to Install Sports Reply’s R Us Kodi Add-ons

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If you are a sports fanatic who always wants to be around any sport activity, or the sports game such as watching live or recorded matches of their favorite sports, then this sports Replay’s R KODI add-on is the source that you need to keep with you.

Sport’s reply R is basically a sports KODI add-on which is introduced by the Genetic media and this KODI add-on is basically targeted to those viewers who are having their very busy schedules but their urge of getting indulged into the sport is so high, that in spite of being super busy they still somehow are seeking the media to get tuned to the sports games or the sports events.

Sport’s reply R is what serves your purpose in a best possible way. Since the KODI platform does not have any solo add-ons in their bucket which can be completely dedicated to the sports activities and those which are available do not work well especially when it comes to the sports they just lag behind.

This Replays R KODI Add-on has an extensive amount of sports activities coverings within it. It lets you watch the complete highlights or the replays of your favourite sports game so that you can never miss even any sports activities and always remain ahead in the sports.

We always advise you that before you think of KODI media streaming it is always advisable to you that you get your Internet connection secured by the Virtual private network service.

Since we already know that KODI is an open source media software and everyone has access on it, moreover the media that you stream on KODI has its link from the Torrent websites which is the bay of pirates, who are always seeking to surpass your privacy hence keep your privacy in your own hands by using the VPN security.

Download & Install Sports Reply’s Us Kodi Add-ons

Follow the below mentioned steps in the same order in order to install sports Replay’s R US KODI add-on.

1. Open your KODI Software and see the top left icon of the page as settings click on it.

2. Clicking on it you will see the file manager option.

3. Click on the file manager option.

4. Now click on the left side option of add source.

5. It will show the empty media source as “None”.

6. Click on this “None” option.

7. Now you will be asked to add the URL of your media source.

8. Enter the URL as

9. In the next box give name to this added media as GENETICWIZ and click on Ok.

10. Review all the fields once again to check if everything is Ok.

11.Now come back to the main menu of KODI

12. Click on the package installer there in the top left icon of this page.

13. Make an installation from the zip file.

14. A box will slide outward with the file name as GENETICWIZ click on it.

15. Click on another next option of NEW REPO FOR GENETIC WIZARD.

16. Click on the Repository zip format file.

17. This file will get installed.

18. After installing it click on the install from repository.

19. Now click on the GENETIC Repository.

20. Click on the video add-ons option next.

21. Select the Replay’s US media option next.

22. And make it install.

That’s it after these steps you are all set to enjoy with your favourite KODI add-on. We believe that our article helped you in setting up this add-on share your views and let us know. We wish you a happy KODI streaming enjoy.