How To Download & Install Supremacy Kodi Addons

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KODI is an online and an open media streaming platform which enables the users to stream online media on its platform. KODI fetches the media content from some other media channels which we know as KODI addons. These addons are basically integrated with KODI or in other words these addons or the media house channels use the KODI platform as their host to broadcast their media content.

There are several such media house KODI add-ons which are available to be added on the KODI these add-ons do vary with their content category and their developers.
Today in this article we are going to talk about on such KODI add on whose name is Supremacy KODI add on. Supremacy KODI add on is a third party media offering so the KODI does not hold any link in its official developing.

This is a wonderful all in one add on which has been nominated by the TROYPOINT for the best KODI add on. SUPERMACY KODI add on provides a very wide range of programs variety to its users which includes such as Movies, TV shows,3 D and 4K quality movies, live sports, kids shows, animated content and much more extensive content which makes it all in one KODI add on.

The best thing about this content is not solely the wide content variety but also the quality of its content as mentioned above this add on provides a 3D and the 4K class video quality which is best in any video class above than the High definition quality. The video quality provides an amazing experience of enjoying the favorite content to the users.
This is such a wonderful add on and you should definitely consider having it on your KODI list.

We suggest you that before you start streaming the media on KODI it is advisable to you that you should secure your whole network with the Virtual private network in order to safeguard your data and the privacy since KODI is an open source media program which does not ensure any safety to your privacy.

KODI restricts the copyrighted and the pirates media streaming on its platform since that is an illegal act and also punishable, you are allowed to stream only freely or publicly domain available media on KODI.

Download & Install Supremacy Kodi Addons

  • Go to your KODI software and launch it.
  • In the main menu you need to click on the settings icon.

  • Next click on the system settings option.
  • There you will see the file manager option click on that.

  • Now you will need to add your media source.

  • Click on ok after providing the URL.

  • Now give name to this media source as Supremacy.

  • Recheck all the fields again to make sure everything is alright.
  • After checking it again come back to the main menu of KODI.

  • In the main menu you will see the add-ons option click on that.

  • Next you will see the open box option click on that.

  • Now click on the zip format file installation.

  • Select the same Supremacy file that we added above.

  • And click on the installation Supremacy repository.

  • The add-on installation message will appear after that.
  • Now click on the next option of install from repository.

  • Select the Supremacy repository.

  • Wait a bit while this add-on is being installed.

  • After installing a message will appear and with that you will be done.

Now you need to shut down and restart your KODI system again to see the added Supremacy add on. We believe that this tutorial article would help you and if you are seeking any help further do not hesitate contacting us. We are always happy to help, enjoy.