How To Download & Install Titanium Kodi Build Addons

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KODI is an open media streaming platform source which has given a new definition to the modern media broadcasting trend. There was a time when the media broadcasting was only possible with the traditional television channel, which were equipped with the wired antenna connection, and they used to provide no portability to their users. That means if you are planning to watch or enjoy any of your programs on such television channels then you had to stick to those television until you finish up your program.

Thanks to the Internet first and then the KODI platform which made it possible for us to have the same media or even better class media with an utmost portability, means today with the help of Internet connection and the KODI platforms you can enjoy your favorite media from anywhere and at anytime which provides the greater portability to the modern users.

KODI is an open source media software  in the sense that you can add your favorite media streaming channel which are known as KODI add-ons, you can add them freely as per your preference of the content. There are several types of such media streaming add-ons which do vary with their content offering, and at the features providing aspects.

Today in this article we are going to talk about Titanium KODI build. Well before talking about this KODI build let us clear one thing that Titanium is a KODI build and not the KODI add on. The major difference between KODI build and the add-ons is that, the KODI build provides various kinds of add-ons offering from it, which is a very large data base, and on the other hand the KODI add on is a very little part of KODI individually.

Titanium KODI build as the name suggests being a KODI build it provides a very extensive category range of media streaming programs and for this reason it is known as all in one KODI add on. This feature makes it the greatest hit among the users since any user wants just everything with themselves being on a single add-on, and the titanium KODI build is what does this job for them.

The other feature of this Titanium build is that it uses the x confluence skin which is very soothing to the eyes of the users and also this build having the X confluence skin provides the greater compatibility even to the older devices.

This build provides various content sections to its users which are divided into different classes as per the content. The content category which this add on provides includes movies, TV shows, live and highlighted sports, kids zone, serials, drama, thrillers and much more stuff which is what makes it the versatile and all in one add on.

KODI is an open source media center which puts a threat to your data that you stream on its platform and also to your privacy so considering that you should secure your privacy in your own hands. Virtual private network is what can do this jon for you it can completely secure your network so that you can stream unlimited data without any threat to your data or the privacy.

KODI bans the streaming of pirated and the copyrighted data on this platform as that’s an illegal task so you are allowed to stream your personal or the public domain data on the KODI media center.

Follow these steps in the same order to install titanium KODI build.

  • Launch you KODI software and go to the system settings option in the top left side.

  • There you will see file manager option click on that.

  • Next the add source option will appear.

  • Click on that and you will be required to add the media source.

  • Now give a name to this added media source as Supreme and make it ok.

  • Check all the fields again to make sure all is correct.

  • Now come back to the main opening KODI menu and click on the addons there.

  • Then tap on the add-on browser option

  • After that click on the install from zip file.

  • Click on the added media file supreme.

  • Now click on the install from supreme build repository.

  • This supreme build file will now be downloading.

  • After downloading click on the install from repository.

  • Next click on the supreme build repository.

  • Click on the Program addons.

  • Supreme build wizard will be installed now and after installing.

  • The popup will appear and you need to click on the dismissed option there.
  • Now click on the continue option from there.

  • Then click on the KODI titanium build from there.

  • Make a fresh install.

  • Continue it.

  • It will start downloading after downloading you need to install it.

  • Then click on the force close there.

  • It will be installed now.

Give it some time to update addons and then you would be able to enjoy it thoroughly. We believe that this tutorial article would help you in installing it. We are always here to help you.

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