Top 5 Devices To Run Kodi From 2018

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Old Desktop or Laptop Computer

This is the most powerful and the compatible device which comes at 1st spot when it comes to KODI platform compatibility. We all know that computer devices are capable enough to run any kind of software unless such software does not require some higher hardware or software criteria.

Computer devices are often considered to be the best devices when installing a KODI on any device for the very first time, computer devices provide a best platform for KODI media centre.
KODI does not require any such special hardware or software compatibility, and for this reason even an older generation computers such as Windows XP computers may also be eligible to run KODI software.

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Dedicated Android TV Kodi Box

There are some Dedicated Android TV KODI Boxes which are designed especially for the KODI media streaming software. Since they are designed especially for KODI software, they provide a great compatibility to KODI media centre. These Dedicated TV’S come with a great hardware in different price ranges you can choose the best one for you, they fit best with your home space with your Televisions. You can buy these dedicated android devices form your electronic market.

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Android Smartphone or Tablet

Well honestly speaking the android smart phones and the tablets are the devices which are used at the most with the KODI software, and there is a solid reason behind that. We are living in a modern generation where people want everything on their go, and at anytime without any boundaries and your smart phones are the ones which serve this purpose in a best way.

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Android smart phones enable a user to stream any media with the KODI software from anywhere and at anytime. KODI is compatible almost with all the smart phone devices available out there, which has an adequate kind of RAM and the ROM along with an average performance processor.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry is a kind of small computer which is developed by the United Kingdom, and is used with the normal monitor by connecting the Raspberry chip along with it, it has all different software and just like normal computers and it works very well with the KODI media streaming centre.

Raspberry computing devices has some generations.
Normal a Raspberry Pi3 Devices come with Arm cortex CPU, 1.2 GHZ bands and approx 1GB of ram which is enough to be compatible with KODI media software.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

This is the last device which is compatible with the KODI. And Amazon Fire stick is basically a very small device which lets the user stream media using it by connecting to your TV or the computer. You can use this device for many purposes such as streaming movies, songs, playing games and much more stuff. This device can be directed plugged into your TV or computer devices.

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Amazon fire stick also provides compatibility to the KODI media it can play KODI media content directly to the connected device such as your TV or computer. Since Amazon fire stick comes at a very economical price it may be the best alternative for you to use KODI media streaming through it.

So you can use any of the above mentioned devices to run KODI media streaming as per your preference and the convenience.