Top 5+ Best Kodi Skins With Screenshots 2018

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We know that how and to which extent KODI media streaming player has taken the lead platform role in providing the online media streaming services to the users and to the wonder of many that too at free of cost.

The platform of KODI media streaming player is the one which is full filling the need of online media streaming, for the plenty of the KODI users who can’t go for the premium services of online media streaming which is provided by other media streaming platforms.

The platform of KODI or the KODI media streaming player was developed and introduced by the XBMC foundation more than a decade back and since the XBMC is a Non-Profit Organization the only purpose of inventing this platform of KODI was to provide the users with the online media streaming capabilities.

We know that in this modern generation which is known as the digital era all the task here is it the minor tasks, or the major tasks are done by the help of Internet activity, and the media broadcasting is no exception.

In the ancient time or two decades back when there was no existence of the Internet the media broadcasting used to be conducted, with the help of the physical network connection, such as the wired antenna and using the televisions or the radio waves in case of the radio broadcasting were the mediums of media broadcasting.

In the today’s scenario, the things have been changed significantly after the invention of the Internet, most of the things are done using the online platform connectivity without any wired connection. Media broadcasting is also conducted using the Internet connection.

KODI is the platform which also uses the Internet connectivity and provides the online media streaming, however, the offline media streaming is possible though without the Internet connection.

The platform of KODI is an open source based platform which makes sure that all the users who are willing to stream the online media using the KODI platform can do that by joining the platform of KODI, without paying any charges for it. Being the open source platform KODI also offers its free platform to the third parties media content offering channels.

Well, today in this article we are going to talk about the KODI skins or the KODI user interface. So far we have talked about the platform of KODI and its main purpose of the media streaming capabilities for the users, but along with that KODI has some other features or the aspects as well.

One of those aspects is the KODI skins and in this article, we will basically discuss the KODI skins in particular.

These are the best KODI skins in our opinion that we felt like sharing with you. Go through all these skins and share your opinion with us.

Top Best Kodi Skins 2018 

Aeon Nox Kodi

Being a fan of the KODI, we all know that earlier default KODI skin used to be the CONFLUENCE which used to be a very decent skin for the KODI users in all the aspects.

With the passage of time and the graphics of the contents, there was felt a requirement of upgrading the KODI skin, which could match the latest graphics content of the KODI

Today we see the AEON NOX skin as the brand new KODI by default skin. AEON NOX is the greatly upgraded version to match up with the modern high graphics HD content.

AEON NOX being the high light skin provides the wonderful view to the KODI users to enjoy all the content in a delightful and the crystal clear way.

BIGNOID is the author of the AEON NOX KODI skin, and for your reference, we below are providing you with the screenshot of the AEON NOX KODI skin.

Amber Kodi

Amber is the second spot hitting KODI skin in our list. This KODI skin has been provided by the author PECINKO and this is another lightweight KODI skin after the AEON NOX.

Amber KODI skin comes with a number of loaded modern features which matches up with the modern HD content very well and enhances the overall watching experience of the KODI users.

With the Amber KODI skin, the users can customize the home shelf in their own preference, such as either in the horizontal home shelf or the vertical shelf. Amber KODI skin provides great compatibility to all kind of modern media streaming devices.

We are attaching the screenshot of the Amber KODI skin for your reference so that you can decide to either go or to not go with this KODI skin.

Mimic KODI Skin

Mimic is another famous KODI skin which hits the third spot, in our best KODI skins rankings. Mimic KODI skin has been developed and introduced by the author BRYANBRAZIL, which is considered to be the prominent name in the KODI skins introduction.

Well talking about the Mimic KODI skin it provides the users with so many artificial stuff, such as a tag on the KODI content, which kind of seems great as an exciting KODI interface. With this Mimic KODI skin, the users can customize their home shelf for KODI as per their own preference.

If you ask me about the best feature of this skin, I would simply fall in love with the touchscreen capabilities of this skin that it offers to the users. Below we are providing you with a screenshot of this Mimic KODI skin so that you can have a reference that how this skin actually looks like.

Black Glass Nova Kodi

The Black glass nova is another best skin in the house of KODI, and which comes in the fourth spot in our list. Well personally from my own experience this is the most simple KODI skin, that I have ever witnessed while streaming the media on the platform of the KODI, and yet this skin comes with some great features.

The feature that this Black glass nova KODI skin provides to its users includes such as the various skin widgets selection choice, the artwork downloading capabilities for the users, highly customized home skin, and the changes in the logo theme etc are the prominent features of this skin.

I would say you must try this KODI skin if you own a full-sized fully HD television. This skin will offer you the best class of KODI content. TGX is the author of this KODI skin and for your reference, we are providing you with a screenshot below, so that you can have a look at that, and then decide that whether you want to go for it or not.

Eminence Kodi

Eminence is another best skin in our KODI best skins list rankings. This is one of the incredible skins, for all those KODI lovers who want a real beauty as they step into their KODI media streaming software.

Eminence is considered to be one of the best available gorgeous skins, for the platform of KODI and I am saying that from my own personal experience or the exposure to this Eminence skin.

Although this skin misses out on some feature which is offered by another KODI skins, but trust me guys its outlook compensates that aspect, and it, however, offers some of the basic features of any KODI skin. I would recommend you to have a trail of this Eminence KODI skin to feel the real beauty of it.

This skin has been developed by the JURIALMUNKEY, and yes we are attaching a screenshot of this skin so that you can have a look of it and have a basic idea of its beauty.

Nebula Kodi

Nebula is the last recommendation in our KODI best skins rankings. Nebula is considered to be the simplest yet the beast KODI skin due to its advanced features. This skin suits those who are seeking the simple yet most useful KODI interface, to their requirements.

Nebula provides the users with some of the most sought features which include, such as the customization of the home screen, Live TV PVR, touch support capabilities, some extra FANART, and other such features which are considered to be the most sought ones.

This skin suits best to the big size fully HD TV. TGX is the author of the Nebula KODI skin, and below, we are attaching the screenshot of this Nebula KODI skin to provide you with an exposure of this skin.