How To Download & Install TUBITV Kodi Addon

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Most of us are aware with the KODI media streaming platform since most of us stream the online media with the help of Internet and for those who are not aware let us tell you about the KODI media streaming software. KODI is an open source media streaming platform or software which is developed by the XBMC foundation, and XBMC also used to be the former name of KODI. This media works by providing the online media streaming capability to the masses of users who are indulging or seeking to stream media on KODI platform.

There are several additional media broadcasting media houses which are connected to the KODI and those media houses are the source for KODI from where the KODI picks up all the available media to providing streaming content to the users. Basically KODI works as a host which provides a media streaming platform to its guests known as KODI add-ons.

In this article we are going to talk about the same KODI guest or add on whose name is TUBI TV KODI add-on. This add-on is basically introduced by the BG add-ons repository, and hence this is a third party add on and the KODI does not have any official link with its developing. The TUBI TV KODI add-on was developed by the BG repository keeping in mind the purpose of bringing the movies, and the TV shows primarily content to the masses of viewers and this the job which this add on is serving amazingly.

This add on provides a very vast range of movies and the TV shows the general content category of this add on includes movies, TV shows, New movie releases, NETFLIX content, serial, drama and comedy shows.

This add on is best suited to those who spins around the content of versatile category of movies and the short or long TV shows episodes, so if you are one of them then this add on is a must having need for you. The content quality is also in High definition class which enhances the users experience of watching it.

If you are a regular KODI user then we suggest you to secure your data and privacy with the Virtual private network, since KODI being an open source program and is always vulnerable to the hackers, who are always keeping their eyes on your data and privacy. The virtual private network fully hides your Internet protocol address, and thereby protects your data and privacy.

KODI never allows the copyrighted or the pirated data streaming on its platform by its users as this is an illegal task under the data copyrights protection act, hence it is advisable either stream your personal or the public domain available data on KODI.

Follow these methods to install the TUBI TV KODI add on.

  • Open up your KODI media centre opening page interface.
  • Go to the system settings icon which is in left top of the page.

  • There you will see now the file manager option.
  • Click on that of file manager option.

  • And you will now be asked to provide the media source that you want to install on KODI.

  • Provide the URL address of your media source.

  • Give this source a name as BG repository and make it ok.

  • Review all the fields once again to make sure everything is ok and at place.

  • Now just go back again to the opening KODI menu page.
  • There click on the add-ons option.

  • You will see the package installer there click on that.

  • And then click on the install from repository.

  • Select the same added BG media source.

  • Now click on the BG repository zip file.

  • This file will start downloading wait for it untill it gets downloaded.

  • The downloaded pop up will appear then click on the install from repository.

  • In the next option you will see the BG addons click there.

  • Next on the video addons

  • Select the TUBI TV in the several other options.

  • And make it install.

With that you are all set to go with the TUBI TV KODI add on we hope that this article helped you enjoy your media streaming with the TUBI TV.