How to Install TV King Kodi Add-ons

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TV king is a new add-on introduced by the TV king repository. This is basically a fork of the scrapper add-on which has already got retired a while back. The scrapper add-on was known as the best web scrapers and was used to retrieve music, movies, videos and other sort of data.
While TV king is the fork of the scrapers add-on or in other words the scrapers add on has been replaced by the TV king add-on on the basis of the improved data streaming quality and the quality as well. The content section of the TV king KODI add-on includes Movies, TV shows, Kids zone, Documentaries, serials, Dramas, thrillers, sports channels and much more other streaming media.

The TV king KODI add-on also come with TRACKT and DEBERID options which facilitates the users in downloading their desired data so that they can watch it later on whenever their mood tends to arise.

This is a great package to all those KODI streaming users who want to have an access on over the larger content with a small size KODI add-on, its content section includes some great programs for you in nutshell you should definitely give it a try to this add-on on your KODI platform add-on list.

Before Using this king TV add-ons on KODI media, make your network fully secure witht the Virtual Private Network services since this is an open media streaming program and anyone with some tools may bypass your privacy and steal your personal important data information, Using Virtual Private Network services (VPN) will make sure that your data and privacy remains in the safe hands.

Download & Install TV King Kodi Add-ons

KODI does not allow or promote the pirated or the copyrighted data streaming on its platform, it’s an illegal activity and you can only stream that data on KODI which is either available in the public domain or personally belongs to you.

Follow these steps to install King TV KODI ADD-ON.

1. Open your KODI software and go the system setting by clicking on the top left option.

2. You will there see a file manager option.

3. Click on the file manager option.

4. Now you will the add source option in the left side Click on that.

5. You will be asked to insert your media source link in the “None” section.

6. Click on that and type in URL as

7. Name this added media as TV KING.

8. Now recheck all the fields to make sure everything is correct.

9. Come back to the main opening menu of KODI.

10. In the top left side click on the add-ons and then package installer.

11. Next click on the zip format file.

12. Next a box will open with the name of TV KING.

13. Click on that option and next click on the repository TV king zip format file.

14. This repository file is now downloading.

15. And after downloading click on the install from repository.

16. Select TV KING.

17. Next select video add-ons.

18. And finally install it and it’s done.

We hope that tutorial article helped you in setting up this TV KING KODI ADD-ON we believe that you will enjoy it.