Best Kodi Regional Addons [USTVNOW]

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As the new year 2018 is going on all Kodi lovers are expecting something new but in the last year 2017 many of the special and very popular Kodi add-ons like Covenant, USTVNOW, Bennu and Pro sport unofficial Kodi add-ons are not working any more and some other third party add-ons like Colossus , Ares wizard and smash goes offline and are not working any more there is a question in mind that why all this happens , it is due to the legal pressure from the Hollywood studios although there are a lot of add-ons which can work even without having any tension for the legal issues but there are some which faces these problems.

All of the official Kodi repository which you find are legal and safe for use but there are some restrictions which are regional over them which you needs to follow if you also not like these restrictions then you can use a good VPN source and we recommend you to use IPVanish.

There are several Kodi add-ons which works only in a particular regions like you can say in Canada , UK , USA , Australia and Germany and for by passing the regional restrictions of these addons and for watching live and demanded content on your favorite Kodi add-on from any where any time whenever you want then this VPN change will help you a lot in doing this and give you lots of benefits while using a VPN :

1 . Unblock Geo-restricted Kodi Add-ons

There are several Kodi add-ons which are restricted to a particular region and are used only in that region like as of USTVnow but with help of a VPN you cna bypass all of the regional restrictions from it.

2 . Bypass the ISP throttling

It happens mostly with us that when we are surfing any content on websites then our speed of internet is very good but when you watch any online video then the speed of internet suddenly drops down and if you are also one who is facing this problem then it might be possible that your ISP is throttling the speed of internet and if you use a good VPN then it will definitely help you in avoiding this kind of problem or situation.

3 . Ultimate Privacy

With help of a good VPN you can also have an extra layer of the security and privacy while you stream any content or do any online activity.

4 . VPN Applications

For setting up a VPN connection you are not required to be very tech friendly although you can do this simply with help of the user friendly VPN apps which allows you to do so and have VPN apps like on PC , Mac , iOS , Android and firestick.

So , there are a lot of regional Kodi add-ons which are wonderful in their work but die to their legal terms and conditions not easy to use so with help of a VPN you can by pass all these terms and conditions and use them lets have a look over the list of these addons :

1 . Funimation now

2 . Sound Cloud

3 . Crackle


5 . iPlayer WWW

6 . Daily motion

7 . Crunchyroll

8 . Fox sports go

9 . YouTube

10 . Plex


So , these are above some of the regional Kodi add-ons now we the question in your mind is that how to install these add-ons so let us tell you below we are going to provide you the steps of installing USTVNOW add-on to your Kodi device.

How to Download & Install USTVNOW Add-on on Kodi

Step – 1 : First of all launch the Kodi application to your device.

Step – 2 : Now , go to the section of settings and then add-ons.

Step – 3 : Next , after all of this click on the option or icon of package installer which is present at the top left side corner of your device screen.

Step – 4 : Next , after it click on the option of install from repository.

Step – 5 : Now , after all this choose the option of Kodi add on repository and then go to the section of video add-ons.

Step – 6 : After all this click on the option of USTVNow and then click on the option of install.

Step – 7 : Now , wait till you get the notification for add-on enabled.

Step – 8 : Next , go to the home screen of your Kodi and then click on the option of add-ons and then go to the option of video add-ons and click in it.

Step – 9 : At last choose the option of USTVNow and use it.


So , by following the steps above mentioned steps you can easily install any of the regional add-on to your Kodi just only change the repository file URL and all steps are same for every add-on. It is simply and easy to install still if you face any problem then contact us and we will solve your problem.