How to Install Versus Kodi Sports MMA London

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a kind of combat sports game which is held worldwide. The game is basically a mixture of martial arts and the combat sports.
Initially the games were not so popular but later the games got such a massive popularity when a famous website broadcasted this game on their site and today the MMA sports is one of the best sports that is appreciated throughout the world.

As we said the mix martial arts games consist of the mixture of various other fighting sports. It includes the other fights such as judo, MUAY THAI, submission wrestling, western boxing and some other fighting sports.

This sport is held worldwide in various countries across the world and is broadcast from the same country.

London mix martial arts(MMA) sports is one of the most cheerful MMA sports across the world people celebrate watching this games to the core of their hearts either on the online media or by being there yourself.

So if you are the one who wants to watch MMA sports London on online media then you can watch it on the KODI media streaming software. This provides you a complete view of the sports so that you can share your love with such a sport.

Before the installation of your KODI ad-on for London MMA sports we suggest you to have a VPN program with your network so that you can enjoy the KODI add-on without any fear of being spied and have the sense of privacy with you

This article will help you that how you can install versus KODI sports MMA London

Download &  Install Versus Kodi Sports MMA London

Versus is an add-on from the RAZER repository which covers the broadcasting of London MMA sports you can add this add on to the KODI media by the help of this article.

1. Open your KODI media software and go to the main opening user interface

2. You will see a box click on the system setting icon on the left of the box

3.The file manager option will appear to you click on that

4. Now you will another option as an add source click on that

5. The pop will appear saying as none


6. Type the URL of razor broadcasting as

7. The next box will ask for the name type RAZER there as a name

8. Recheck all the fields once again to make sure that you do not miss on anything
Now again go back to the main menu and see the option of add-ons

9. Click on it and it will show you an add on package installer at the top left side

10. Click on install from zip file

11. Another box will pop select the RAZER from there

12. Click on the next option of repository RAZER zip file

13. The file will be downloaded and will pop up as repository installed

14. Now click on install from repository

15. Click on the next option of RAZER Repository

16. Click on video add-ons

17. Click on the icon of versus

18. Now install it and you are done

We hope that this article will help you in setting up the KODI add-on for MMA sports London, We wish you a great enjoyment of the game ahead cheers.