Top Best Working Kodi Video Addons In 2018

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We know that KODI is an open source media streaming and broadcasting software which provides a hosting platform to other guests or the media channel to play their content on the platform of KODI. Since we are living in a modern digital generation where everything has been digital be it media streaming, or message sending.

In the olden times where the media broadcasting was done through the television media using the wired antenna connection, now the scenario has been changed altogether the same media broadcasting is now done using the wireless digital Internet connection. Yes Internet has made it all possible by the help of Internet we have replaced that hectic wired television media broadcasting scenario.

Now the same media is streamed or broadcasted using the Internet connectivity, which is all wire-less and requires just only a computer device and, a platform to stream any media live or scheduled. KODI is the software which has emerged as that platform. KODI provides that platform to its users so that they can have a live media video streaming with the help of other media channels, which bring the content on the KODI platform. Today in this article we will talk about such KODI add-ons which provide the best video content to their users so that they can have the best media streaming experience on the KODI.

Here we are providing you the list of some best available video KODI addons that you may choose for the best video streaming.


Neptune rising KODI add on has been introduced by the BLAMO repository, and this add on is the fork of Best KODI add on. There is a very valid reason behind putting the Neptune rising addon at our first spot in the list, and the reason being is the video quality of this add on, the Neptune rising offers its video content in the 4K video quality which isn’t just only HD but above that.

The 4K video quality covers the pixels of 1920*1080 pixels quality which is the highest class of any video quality. Other than the video quality aspect of the Neptune rising KODI add on, this add on offers an amazing range of its vast content which includes movies, TV shows, Video music, Serials, and much more stuff. You should definitely consider this add on if you are concerned about the video quality of the addons.


We all are aware with the legacy of the legendary Exodus KODI add on which is as vintage as the KODI is, but sadly the Exodus add-on couldn’t make it up with the time and the expectation of the users, but the Covenant KODI add-on is the latest and the Reborn form of the vintage Covenant add-on.

The Exodus KODI add-ons was left Behind due to some bugs and outdated feature the developer team of The Exodus KODI on upgraded this add-on and give it a brand new name  of Covenant call and such a wonderful alone which holds the Legacy and the content of the vintage Exodus KODI add-on and is having the latest feature for the modern generation.

This add-on provides its content in the HD quality and, also offers an amazing range of movies TV shows, serials, thrillers, kids zone, and much more stuff to its viewers. You should definitely consider this Covenant add-on, if you want an extensive range of high definition video content.


This is the third adorn in a list this kind net KODI add-on is considered to be the most powerful All In One Korean on the reason behind that is very genuine and appealing well as a name suggest this SKYNET courier loan offers versatile category of 4K video content which includes movies TV shows, Sports, drama serials, and much more.

This add-on has the potential to offer you any kind of content which you can imagine inside your head, and the best thing about this add-on is the quality of its content. SKYNET offers all its video content in the 4K video quality, which we know is the highest of any video class. T

his add-on has been introduced by the Mavericks TV repository which is known by its wonderful KODI add-ons so if you are someone who is the lover of 4K video quality then you must at the SKYNET KODI add-on in your list.


Nemesis is the 4th KODI add-on in our list the Nemesis KODI add-on is known for its amazing content, which provides the great combination of vintage and the latest trending programs, there is a collection of a classic content that you can find on Nemesis KODI add-on and, on the other section you can find the latest trending programs.

The amazing thing is that all its content is of 4K video quality class, which we know cannot be beaten by any other video quality that means it provides a combo of both the great and the white content, along with the best video quality. what else you may demand from any add on. It offers a content of movies, TV shows, Sports, live TV, Kids zone, animated movies, and the list goes on


This is the last alone in this list the atom Reborn KODI add-on is the newly born or developed KODI add-on, and we are really impressed from the progress of this add-on. It was just developed a short while back and, within this short span of time it is developed a lot in the taste of the KODI users.

As we said this is the newly born add-on, this add-on is built with some latest features and the amazing content in 4K video quality. This add-on is known to be all in one add-on, since it offers all kind of content category in itself which includes TV shows, movies, kids zone, sports segment, and the database is being extended. You should give this add-on a trial if you are a son of high definition of the 4K video quality class.

We believe that this list of best available KODI video add-ons would help in choosing out the best for you.