How To Setup & Install Best Kodi Virtual Box Addons

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Well as we know that KODI software is used to stream the online media programs, which is available on the KODI platform by the help, or the integration of the additional media channels or the data add-ons on the KODI platform. KODI basically provides a hosting platform to the external media channels or the KODI add-ons, to broadcast or play their media content only on KODI platform.

We basically know that KODI software is compatible enough to operate with several devices such as Computers, smartphones, Amazon fire stick, raspberry devices, and some other devices. KODI is also compatible with the several operating systems such as windows, android, Ios and others. Using these devices and their operating system anyone can install the KODI media streaming software and enjoy the live streaming of their favourite media content.

Have you ever wondered that whether the KODI can be operated using a different kind of operating system or a different software interface? Yes, we are talking about the Virtual-Box software interface. Have you ever given it a thought that you can operate KODI on Virtual-Box?

Well in case if you do not know about the virtual box let’s first make it clear that what exactly the Virtual-Box is. A Virtual-Box basically is an open source hypervisor software, which is developed by the Oracle incorporation, and it works by giving a virtual platform to any kind of operating system.

In other and simple words Virtual-Box is a software which provides any computer device with the ability to be compatible with various operating systems at a time using the virtual platform of this Virtual-Box software.

Yes using this Virtual-Box software a computer device becomes able to operate on various available operating systems, such as Windows family, Linux family, Solaris family, MAC family, UNICEF family and some other operating system can be operated virtually on this Virtual-Box software.

When it comes to the KODI media streaming capability with these Virtual-Box operating system it becomes a very interesting thing to figure out that whether the KODI can be streamed with such virtual operating system. Well yes the KODI can be operated with this Virtual-Box virtual operating system.

Follow this method to enable KODI on Virtual-Box add-ons.

  • First of all just go to the display settings of your virtual operating system.
  • You will see the video settings option there.
  • Click on the 3D enable acceleration there.
  • Now start your virtual machine operating system in the safe mode.
  • Next, go to the start menu and click on the run icon.
  • Type in the run icon as MSCONFIG and press the enter button.
  • Now click on the BOOT.INI tab and check the safe-boot
  • Save the safe-boot and restart it.
  • Go to the search menu of your virtual machine.
  • Search the guest edition there.
  • And install this guest edition.
  • Check the direct 3D support while installing this wizard.
  • Next, run the MSCONFIG and restore the standard boot mode.
  • And you are all set to go.

We hope that this would help to run KODI media in the virtual-box add-ons.