How To Download & Install Wow Kodi Addons

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The online media streaming is currently getting its peak due to many reasons such as the easy and the remote access to media streaming, the better quality and the wide coverage to all kind of news or media, and many other reasons. KODI is the media streaming platform which has made it that easily accessible to the masses of users to stream the online media with the help of other media houses, which outsource their media content to the KODI.

KODI has been developed as an open source media streaming software by the XBMC foundation, and the XBMC also was the former name of KODI while it was developed initially, later it was changed to KODI. KODI being an open media source means that you can stream or play any kind of media content from your local storage, and from the Internet as well. KODI generally plays the add-on content directly from the Internet but you can also play your local storage media content with KODI.

Today in this of our article we are going to discuss about one of those KODI addons whose name is Wow KODI add on. Well as the name suggest the expression of being amazed, in the similar way this wow KODI add on amazes its users by its content offerings. This add on has been developed by the ukodi1 repository the same repository who holds a well earned name with their previous addons such as FIRECAT the other wonderful add on from the ukodi1 repository.

The UKODI1 is considered to be all in one add on due to its content offering. This add on is combined with the content and the features of other add-ons from the Ukodi1 repository such as FIRECAT, KRATOS, slaughter house, just sports and some others and this is what makes this add on as wow because of its content offerings.

The wow TV KODI add on after installing offers a combined range of awesome 4k quality movies, TV shows, documentaries, serials, kids zone, horror movies, games and much more content category just in one single add on and for your amazement it’s very low size add on.

The content category and the 4k quality of the content what else can you demand from your KODI add on? This is what this wow add on offers to their users. We would strongly recommend you this add-on if you are seeking the versatile and the vast content category nothing could be better than wow addons for you.

As we know that KODI is an open source media streaming center, and that aspect causes a grave threat to the data information and the personal privacy of the users so it becomes your responsibility to secure your network in order to safely stream the KODI media. A virtual private network is what does that job for you, secure your network with VPN and stream unlimited data on KODI. KODI does not allow the pirated or the copyrighted media to be streamed on its platform that is strongly restricted act, stream only your personal or public domain available media.

Download & Install Wow Kodi Addons

  • Launch your KODI software and go to the system settings icon in the top left side.

  • Click on the file manager option there.

  • Next you will see the add source option click on that

  • And there you will need to provide the media source address.

  • Give name to this media source as Ukodi1 and click ok.

  • Recheck all the fields again to make sure everything is correct

  • Now come back to the main menu and click on addons option there.

  • Now click on the package installer option there.

  • Now make an installation next from the zip file.

  • A box will slide outward with the Ukodi1 file name select that.

  • Now click on the Ukodi1 repository file

  • This wait for the repository to download the file will wait for it.

  • After downloading click on the install from repository.

  • Click on the ukodi1.

  • Then video addons

  • Select the wow option.

  • And finally click on the install option.

With that you will be done with the wow KODI add-on installation, we believe that you would enjoy this add on thoroughly.