TOP Best XBMC Kodi Working Addons List 2018

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The XBMC Add-on or the presently known as KODI add-on is an open source media streaming centre, it works by providing a platform to different media playing channels or in other words, XBMC works as a host which lets other media broadcasting channel play their content on XBMC or KODI add-on.

XBMC is an open source media streaming software which has been developed by the XBMC foundation, and this software is compatible with various kinds of operating system such as windows, android, Linux and so on. This media streaming software invites other media channel to be added on this platform, and let them play their media content as per the requirement of the users who are streaming KODI software.

In the present scenario the KODI has been able to attract masses of KODI users, and has been a great hit among the users due to the vast and the versatile category of its content along with the magnificent features that it offers to its users.

Today in this article we will talk about some great KODI addons which are being used by the masses of KODI users as their favorite addons.


This is the unforgettable legendary vintage KODI add on and why we referred it as an unforgettable well there is history behind that the history of this add on offering to the users. Exodus KODI add on is the top best and the vast add on which has been available with the KODI since a long while now.

The exodus contains a wide variety of TV shows, Movies, serials, news, sports, thriller and almost everything else the add-on provides a search bar facility option to search the desired content of the users. If you are seeking the best KODI add on then Exodus Should be on the top of your list.


Well basically the Covenant KODI addons is the upgraded extension of the Vintage Exodus KODI add on. Since we know that Exodus is the vintage KODI add on and with time the Exodus couldn’t be able to adapt to the new changes and the expectations of the modern viewers so keeping this fact in mind the developers of Exodus decided to give a new birth to a similar KODI add on but with a different name.

The Covenant KODI contains the same wide content as Exodus but with better upgraded features and bug fixed interface. You should definitely check out the modern version of legendary Exodus KODI add on.


Genesis reborn is basically a fork of old Genesis add on which was shut down while back due to some bugs encountering issues. Now the Genesis reborn is the reborn form of Genesis.

This add on is also a very old add on with a KODI media the add on offers a wide variety content such as movies, TV shows, kids zone, animated content, and much more the best thing about this add on is that, its content section has been divided in a very neat and easy to explore form, which makes it easy for the users to find out their desired content. You should give some space to this add on in your KODI media streaming addons.


Neptune rising is another wonderful add on that comes in this list. This is a third party add on and basically a fork of the Best KODI add on. This add on is known to be the busiest KODI add on due to very high traffic the server of this add on has to suffer a lot. The main reason behind such massive traffic is the quality of its content that is offered to the users by this Neptune KODI add-on.

The content is in 4k video class quality which is even higher than the normal HD quality. The content is also very vast which includes movies, TV shows, thrillers, kids shows and much more stuff.

cCloud TV

This is the last KODI add on in our best KODI addons list. cCloud TV is the most versatile KODI add on that is available around us the add on earlier used to contain the channels only from US and UK territory but now it’s reaching worldwide scale.

The content that this add on now offers to its users is coming across the many countries. It contains some great live channel featuring the live sports and the live news. This is a must having add on if you are seeking the versatile category of KODI content.

So this is the available best KODI addons which we felt like sharing with you, we hope that you would enjoy this list.