Best Kodi Xbox one Add-ons

There are many people who are using Kodi on Xbox one and they always want to look over the best working add-ons of Kodi for Xbox so today we are going to give you details about the best Kodi Xbox one add-ons and also give you a proper installation guide for it. So , we will be going to learn about the add-ons which are good for watching movies , TV shows , sports and much more. When we talk about the Xbox one it mostly comes in mind that there are many add-ons which are not working for it so which one to use , now do not think about it we are going to give you a full information about the only working add-ons and you can easily install them on your Xbox one so , below is the list of two add-ons which are working very smoothly with Xbox :

Best Kodi Xbox one Add-ons

1 . Exodus for Xbox one

If you love to watch movies and TV shows then we suggest you go for Exodus although it is the very old add-on and has not shown any update from the very long time still it is the best working add-on for Xbox. You can get it and install it by using its repository file.

2 . Cerebro and Castaway for Xbox

When we talk about live time on Xbox one then it seems quite difficult for it as there are many add-ons which says that they are compatible with Xbox one for live time but in actual they are not so after having many research and experience we have found that the Cerebro and the Castaway both of these add-ons are good for streaming live TV content on your Xbox one and these both are good for USA and UK but the Castaway add-on only provides the content of UK and there is no USA content on it. If we talk further about the Cerebro then we see that there are various and lots of categories for IPTV but the best one on which we want to focus is IPTV you can stream a lot of contents in this especially sports content and live TV content if you also want to install Cerebro 2018 add-on to your Xbox then you can use this URL :

Castaway is good but in most of them there are a lot of problems which persist but the live TV is the best section which is working on Castaway , in this add-on you will be also going to get the live channels of UK and stream them. If you also wanted to get Castaway to your Xbox then use this URL for installing:

So , these above are the best working add-ons of Kodi for Xbox now another thing that comes to it is how to install them below we are going to provide you the installation guide of exodus add-on :

Step – 1 : First of all go to the home screen of your Kodi and click on the icon of settings which is present at the top left side corner of your screen.

Step – 2 : Now , click on the option of file manager.

Step – 3 : After this go to the option of add source and click on none.

Step – 4 : Now enter the following URL in the provided box

Step – 5 : Now , give your file a particular name and select OK , after this click on the option of add-on.

Step – 6 : Next , after this click on the box like icon at the top left side which is of package installer and then click on is tall from zip file option.

Step – 7 : At last click on the option of file and after it, you will see a notification at the top then install the add-on to your Kodi.

So , by following the above mentioned steps you will be able to easily install the Exodus add-on to Kodi for your Xbox and also install other add-ons just by changing the URL and file name.

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