How To Setup & Install Best Kodi Zenmate Addons

Best Kodi VPN

We all know that KODI media streaming software is being used at a very massive scale by the masses. People these days tend to get connected to any of their program using online media streaming platforms, and KODI is one among those top most used media streaming software. Since we all know that KODI is an open source media streaming platform, and anyone who is willing to stream any media using this open media centre, may download the software and install it and then by adding their favorite add-on any one may start media streaming.

However there is a big drawback with the usage of this KODI media streaming software and that is since we know this is an open source program there is no control neither on the downloading criteria nor on the activities of the KODI users and that generates a threat among the KODI users.

If any program which is being run without any supervision or the control that program would always make a threat to the flow of data and the information that is being transferred between the software and its users and it may also put a significant threat to the privacy of such users. KODI has program sources which holds their root from the Torrent website, and that is the most favorite place of all the pirates who are indulging in the pirating of the media data, and it also makes KODI software a vulnerable one in their views.

Considering such open threats it becomes essential to safeguard your data information and the personal privacy in your own hands, and that is only possible by making your network fully secured, and this is done by integrating your network with Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. It secures your network fully without the reach of the hackers and the intruders.

There are many VPN service providers network but for KODI purpose ZENMATE is the best name that comes in the VPN category. This VPN completely hides your Internet protocol address, and provides you an unlimited KODI media streaming with an anonymous name keeping your data and privacy fully safe and secured.

ZENMATE KODI add-on provides setups as per the requirement of the operating systems of the users such as windows, android, Linux and many others this article is about setting up the ZENMATE add-on on the windows operating system.

Setup & Install Best Kodi Zenmate Addons

  • Open and launch your KODI software.
  • Go to the system setting icon from there and click on it.
  • After clicking on the system settings icon you will see another page opening.
  • In the end of the page you will see the expert settings icon click on that.
  • Clicking on that the add-ons option will appear click on that.
  • After clicking on the add-ons in the right side the unknown sources option will be shown click on that.
  • Now come back to the system settings icon of the KODI and click on the file manager option there.
  • You will there see the add source option and there you will need to provide the URL the source that you want to add.
  • In the URL type as  https://zenmate-windows-update.s3-eu-west and click ok.
  • Next give name to this added source as ZENMATE VPN and click ok.
  • Now come back to the main menu and click on the add-ons.
  • Next click on install from repository.
  • Select the ZENMATE VPN option next.
  • Now under the ZENMATE VPN there will be add-on settings click on that.
  • Next you will be required to enter your username and password, enter that and click ok.
  • Under that you can change your server too if that is needed and with that the ZENMATE KODI add on will be done.

Now you can stream any media safely on your KODI media without any threat from the outwards sources.