How To Setup & Install ZIM KIDS Kodi Addons

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KODI is the open source of a media streaming platform which works as a host, and extends its platform to those external sources of media, which are willing to broadcast their content but are unable to find any platform. KODI provides its platform to those external sources of media, and then the media broadcasting is conducted directly to the KODI connected users.

This platform of KODI is available at free of cost, and also provides its open and easy compatibility to various operating systems, and the devices as well however the KODI add-ons chargeability depends upon their developers.

We know that KODI fetches all its content from the other media channels which are known as the KODI add-ons, and these KODI add-ons are different from each other in the terms of their content, and the developers as well. The content of these add-ons have been divided among the various categories.

Some of the add-ons broadcast the media which covers all the content sections such as the sports, movies, TV shows, and other such stuff while some of others are dedicated to the games, sports, kids or documentaries solely. The users of the KODI have the discretion in respect of their favorite content that they want to see and accordingly they can add such add on the KODI.

Today in this article we are going to talk about ZIM kids KODI add-on, and as the name suggests this add-on is dedicated to the Kids zone stuff. This add-on is introduced by the IRKEN empire repository.ZIM kids KODI add-on is a third party developed add-on so the KODI doesn’t have any link with it and for any kind of help related to this add-on contact the IRKEN EMPIRE

The content category that this ZIM kids KODI add-on offers to the users includes such as Animation stuff, cartoon movies and shows, Kids creativity shows, anime movies and other such stuff, which are only meant for the kids and it help them in growing their mental development in the form of entertainment. This add on doesn’t have anything to offer in its bucket for the major users, such as the movies, sports, TV serials and other content segment.

The quality of the content of this ZIM kids KODI add-on is all in HD, which is best as per the liking of the KIDS, and the color effects have also been given in such a way that seem eyes friendly for the Kids. Further talking about the audio quality, the audio quality is also decent and provides the options of configuration it as per the kid’s preference.

We all have the Kids in our home, and just like us they also need a source of an entertainment and learning as well. This ZIM kids KODI add-on is the best source to your kids, that you can gift them as the KODI add-on. They would enjoy it thoroughly, and will also learn new things on a regular basis. Considering these aspects you must give this add on some space, in your KODI add-ons category.

We would like to advise you that before you start streaming the media on KODI platform, just secure your network with the Virtual Private Network, since KODI is an open source of media streaming, and due to this aspect it becomes a very threatening factor to your data and the privacy as well.

Integrating the network with the VPN makes sure that your IP address remains out of the reach of the external threat, and you may stream the unlimited media content being on KODI or any other platform without any fear.

KODI is an open source but that doesn’t mean that you may stream the pirated or the copyrighted media on this platform, such media streaming is illegal and hence punishable under the respective law. You are allowed to stream only that media, which is either available in the public domain or personally belongs to you.

Setup & Install ZIM KIDS Kodi Addons

  • Go to the KODI platform and launch it then go the system settings icon which is located in the top left side of the opening page.

  • There you will see the add source option.

  • Click on the add source option and then you will be asked to provide the URL address of the media source that you want to add on this platform of KODI.

  • Next name this added media source as Lumberjack and make it ok.

  • Now just review all the fields again to make sure they are all correct.

  • Next go back to the main menu of the KODI and click on the add-ons.

  • Clicking on that the package installer option will come, click on that and it will start downloading.

  • Then make an installation from the zip file.

  • Now a box will open up with some options select the Lumberjack media file source option from it.

  • Then click on the Lumberjack repository zip format file.

  • This Lumberjack repository file will start Downloading and will be installed as well after the installation a pop up will appear.

  • Then make an installation from this repository.

  • Click on the Lumberjack repository.

  • Then on the video add-ons.

  • Then click on the ZIM media.

  • And finally make it install.

With this you will be done with the installation of this ZIM kids KODI add-on. Now just shut down the KODI, and then restart it to see the added add-on.

Go to the KODI video add-ons section you will find this add-on there. Just click on it and start media streaming with this ZIM Kids KODI add-on.

We believe that this article tutorial will help you in installing this add-on. Do ask us for any further help at anytime.